Candles: Lighting the Way to Sales All Year

October 18, 2018 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

From practical travel accessories to on-trend jewelry to inspirational wish tokens, our B. Boutique line offers independent retailers several great options in impulse-driven wholesale gift items. Since we added scented decorative candles to our gift assortment, they’ve become one of our most successful items, with previous top sellers being our monogram and birthstone candle assortments.

Why Candles?

A few of our beaded candle designs

Candles are by no means a new product, but based on our research, they hold a strong presence in the retail market, and they continue to grow in popularity. Let’s think about the reasons why:

First, they’re a great focal point for home décor, whether lit or unlit, and most Americans agree. Studies have shown that candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households.

Second, they’re commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. As people lead more and more hectic lives, everyone needs a way to unwind at home, and the popularity of the Danish hygge trend is evidence of this.

Third, they make great gifts, for both men and women, and for a variety of occasions, year-round. Consider the following statistics:
•    65% of candles sales occur outside of the Christmas holiday season.
•    58% of candle purchasers say they make good birthday gifts for adults.
•    61% choose candles as a thank-you gift.
•    66% will buy a candle as a hostess or dinner party gift.
•    74% consider candles a suitable house-warming gift.
•    78% say that candles are an appropriate gift for the holidays.

B. Illuminated

To help local retail businesses tap into this market, our B. Boutique line offers a value-driven, core assortment of quality candles with great scents and beautiful vessels. For best results, remember to anchor candles with one of our displays that will help you merchandise our candles effectively and efficiently in your store.

All of our candles are hand-poured, and they’re made with natural essential oils, beeswax, and a food-grade paraffin base. Each one uses German wicks made of cotton with paper cores, to help give them a clean burn. (The number of hours of burn time varies by size and style.) Each of our scented candles uses 5% designer fragrances, and we offer over 20 different fragrances across everyday, seasonal, and summer scents.

One of our crackle finish assortments
As far as the vessels, we have a mix of both everyday designs as well as spring and summer. From the look and feel of natural elements to gold-dipped elements, we have a wide variety of options for your accounts. For retailers that want to capture additional fourth quarter sales, we have several styles that are great for the holiday season, including diamond-cut finishes, beaded looks, mixed metals as well as crackle finishes.

To round out your candle selection—and help you cater to the most shoppers—we we also offer several high end statement candles. These candles make a big impression, with the larger size and rich finishes of the glass vessels, from etching to metallics. Some of the larger candles even have multiple wicks and can serve as table centerpieces all by themselves!

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