Introducing Plow & Hearth Wholesale

Evergreen Enterprises is excited to introduce a new partnership with our sister company, Plow & Hearth. The Virginia-based organization is known for selling sustainable home and garden products crafted from high-quality materials. We’re delighted to welcome fresh ideas and designs into our wholesale lineup, plus these new offerings will add incremental business to your retail store.

The stunning selection includes patio furniture, garden décor, door mats, outdoor-safe pillows, and so much more!

New Innovations from Evergreen Flags

Flags are the original Evergreen product, and we’ve come to think of them as the “Greeting Card of Your Home”. Over the years, we’ve continued to update our selection of wholesale flags for retailers by developing flags with new designs and new materials. We’ve also expanded the products available in our Evergreen Flag line through the introduction of similar-but-unique items like Sassafras switchable doormats, Warm Welcome hanging door decor, and Greetings Statement Stakes. Each one of these categories has become a new mainstay in our catalog, as well as a way for retailers to build their selection and broaden their base of shoppers, as well as generate multiple purchases in their stores.

In short, we’re always innovating and looking for new ways to “up our game,” and with our recent new release for 2019, we believe we have more new winners. Rather than just expand our selection with additional designs, our goal with the latest Evergreen Flag catalog is provide retailers with fresh new approaches in new technologies that will give them additional future returns in their stores. And in case you think you’ve already seen it all, read on…

Everlasting Impressions

An example of an Everlasting Impressions
banner on our wall mount bracket.
Our garden flags are perhaps the hero of the Evergreen Flag line, as they’ve become more popular than any other flag size or any other product in the catalog. Our new Everlasting Impressions banners effectively extend the garden flag shape by a full 10 inches lengthwise to create a new way to add curb appeal. Each one is 12.5” x 28” and uses the same proven, outdoor-safe fabrics as our flags and door decor, along with added embellishments like metallic foil, braided trim, cording, and tassels, for an elevated look. And just like our flags, each one is double-sided.

They look fantastic in any setting, and they work on any of our existing garden flag hardware, from our popular flag stands to our metal dowel hanger or even our wall-mount bracket. They also look just as great indoors, and are just as suitable as indoor wall decor as an outdoor banner. We recommend showing them in different ways in stores to help illustrate all the different ways that shoppers can enjoy these.

Illumination for Forever Botanicals

We introduced our Forever Botanicals about a year ago, and they have since become a resounding success! Each one is made with a textile top that’s made to look like flowers or seasonal icons. The top is supported by a slender metal stake that’s artfully curved. These are made with the same outdoor-safe fabrics as our flags to make them durable and weather-resistant. To make them convenient for retailers to display, they ship in a pre-filled 12-piece display box.

To extend this success further, we’ve combined these with the proven technology of our popular solar lit products to create our new Illumination for Forever Botanicals. Each one has a solar panel mounted on the metal stake, and we increased the thickness of the H-base stake on these designs to make them more stable in the ground. The solar panel unit can light the piece for around 7 hours when it’s fully charged. The position and effect of the lights will vary from piece to piece. Our new lighted pieces will be initially available in fall and holiday-themed designs, and we hope to expand into additional selections in the future.

Motion Door Decor

Perhaps the most exciting new development in our latest Evergreen Flag release is our motion door decor. Since we launched our Warm Welcome door decor several years ago, it’s become a core category for the brand.

Our motion door decor truly takes this product to the next level and beyond! Each one of these pieces includes sound and movement. Some also include light, and all these features really bring them to life. The effects are triggered by a motion sensor in the piece, which picks up movement within 3 feet. Once triggered, the lights, sound, and movement last for up to 15 seconds. Our designs focus on Halloween and Christmas, which are the best opportunities in Fall-Holiday to include both festive and spooky effects. Take a look at some of them in action in our video below:

Retailers can see all of our Evergreen Flag products—and so much more—by visiting

Pillows & Rugs: The Softer Side of Home Decor

Our Cape Craftsmen brand has become known primarily for its core products of furniture and wall decor. To round out the line with a softer element, we now offer a range of wholesale accent pillows as well as versatile rugs and other floor coverings. And since a large part of our collection of wholesale rugs and pillows is suitable for use in outdoor settings, they also help retailers provide their shoppers with ways to spruce up outdoor living environments which are becoming more and more popular.

3 New Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee or Tea

Whether coffee or tea, people across the globe are enjoying their hot beverages more than ever, and consumers are looking for unique and personal ways to enhance their coffee or tea experience, as well as ways to take their beverages with them. With our experience in ceramics and similar materials, our wholesale Refresh collection of cups, bottles, and other drinkware has grown to offer just what retailers have come to expect from our Cypress Home brand of products. They make perfect gifts and are just as suitable for impulse self-purchases. We work to update our selection each year, not just with new designs but brand new styles to help store owners keep their shelves looking fresh. Read on for a few of our most recent new additions.

Why and How Evergreen Flags Can Help Retailers Succeed

It’s no wonder that we refer to flags as The Greeting Card of Your Home. They can decorate homes, yards, porches, patios, and more. Evergreen offers wholesale decorative flags in both house size and garden size, across a wide variety of materials, techniques, and themes to help retailers stock a range of options. Our goal is to help every shopper find what speaks to them and drive both multiple and impulse purchases for retailers.

Top 10 Best-selling Products for Spring & Summer 2019

To help retailers prepare for spring and summer, we counted down our top sellers for the warmer seasons throughout February and March. Without further ado, here are the top 10!

Deck the Halls with Lots of Lights

Whether it’s for functional or decorative reasons, consumers love adding lights inside their homes, and lighted product has become a significant part of our assortment of wholesale indoor home accents. This is especially true in the fall and winter seasons, since the sun sets earlier in the winter, and the holidays that many celebrate during this time make additional lit items especially relevant. Light add even more beauty and fascination to our already-beautiful designs.