3 New Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee or Tea

April 25, 2019 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Whether coffee or tea, people across the globe are enjoying their hot beverages more than ever, and consumers are looking for unique and personal ways to enhance their coffee or tea experience, as well as ways to take their beverages with them. With our experience in ceramics and similar materials, our wholesale Refresh collection of cups, bottles, and other drinkware has grown to offer just what retailers have come to expect from our Cypress Home brand of products. They make perfect gifts and are just as suitable for impulse self-purchases. We work to update our selection each year, not just with new designs but brand new styles to help store owners keep their shelves looking fresh. Read on for a few of our most recent new additions.

The Companion Cup

Since we introduced it a few years ago, the ceramic Perfect Cup has proven itself as a popular and practical way to take hot drinks on the go. The handle makes it easy to carry, and the tapered shape makes it easy to fit into car cup holders. We still carry a wide range of designs, including several new selections for a variety of themes and seasons. But we decided it needed some company.

Our new Companion Cup is made of double-walled ceramic, which helps it insulate your beverages and keep them at the right temperature. It also allows the outside of the cup to stay cool to the touch even with hot liquids inside. It includes a clear Tritan™ lid with a slide opening. The new shape of the cup helps it to fit easily into most cup holders. We’re launching our Companion Cup with an amazing assortment of 44 designs. This type of cup is a number-one seller at a major national coffee chain, so retailers can be confident this is an item that shoppers are looking for.

Shaped Cup w/ Spoon Gift Set

Perhaps the most fun new cup we’re offering for 2019 is our shaped cup with spoon, with designs that look like a cupcake, a pineapple, or even a whale! This is unique to Evergreen, and it includes a ceramic cup with a removable ceramic lid, as well as little ceramic spoon that fits right into the lid. The way it fits together makes it easy to store as well a great gift item, and  the added spoon means this can be a fun way to enjoy other treats like ice cream!

See how this piece works in our video:

Artisan Series Cups

For more refined tastes, we offer the Artisan Series of ceramic cups. Our newest designs feature a beautiful floral with rich colors that are finished with a reactive glazing. The floral elements are applied by a hand stamping technique. Now in its third year, each one of these collections represents a hand-designed personal touch to drinkware. We also use this collection as an opportunity to give back to the global coffee community, by donating a portion of the proceeds to Coffee Kids, a non-profit organization that empowers the next generation of coffee farmers in various countries around the world. In fact, every retailer that orders these for their store will get a point-of-purchase sign to help educate their shoppers on this cause.

In addition to all the above, our Refresh collection of drinkware from our Cypress Home line includes many more wholesale cup and mug options for retailers to feature in their stores. We recommend helping shoppers locate all of these easily, by using a table or shelving display like the ones we offer in our Cape Craftsmen line. See all these options when you log in to our Online Resource Center at MyEvergreenOnline.com!