Top 10 Best-selling Products for Spring & Summer 2019

March 21, 2019 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

To help retailers prepare for spring and summer, we counted down our top sellers for the warmer seasons throughout February and March. Without further ado, here are the top 10!

10. Hummingbird Solar Glass Lantern (item 2SP4332)

At #10 on our list is our hummingbird solar glass lantern (item 2SP4332). Retailers can log in and find solar lanterns here.

9. Lil Bambeani (item 7PLSH413)

Next on our list is our Lil Bambeani plush (item 7PLSH413) from our B. Boutique line. Get a quick look at all styles in our video. Retailers can login in here to order.

8. Flamingo Garden Stakes (item 2SP4652)

The #8 item in our countdown is our CDU of light-up solar flamingo garden stakes (item 2SP4652)! You can find this item, along with other solar garden stake CDUs, here.

7. Floral Spinner Stake (item 47M1691)

Our #7 top seller for spring and summer is our 91" tall floral spinner stake (item 47M1691). Our kinetic garden stakes are consistently popular, and retailers can shop them all here.

6. Butterfly Screen Door Savers (item 47M160)

Coming in at #6 is our assortment of butterfly screen door savers (item 47M160). Find these and our other screen savers here.

5. Firefly Solar Lantern

Our next top seller is our Firefly solar lantern! They're versatile and easy to use, as you can see in our video. Shop the variety of Firefly designs here.

4. Team Garden Statue

The number 4 item on our countdown is our Team Garden Statue (specifically the Steelers and Eagles designs), which has been massively popular over the last couple years and continues to be a strong seller with our retailers. Find them here.

3. Hummingbird Solar Mobile (item 2WC1025)

Top seller #3 is our color-changing hummingbird solar mobile (item 2WC1025). This is just one example of almost 50 styles we offer, and you can see how it works in our video. Shop all our solar mobiles here.

2. Appliqué American flag

Our #2 top seller is none other than the appliqué American flag! Retailers can find the different sizes, as well as our entire collection of patriotic flags, here.

And last but not least, our #1 top seller for spring & summer is...

1. Embossed Sassafras Scroll Rubber Tray (item 431000A)

Sassafras Switch Mats are some of our most popular products because we carry tons of designs and they’re easy to switch out. Watch our video to see how easy it is to change out the inserts with the seasons!

At Evergreen Enterprises, we work to help small business owners through our selection of wholesale products for home and garden. Retailers can shop all our thousands of items using our Online Resource Center at