Deck the Halls with Lots of Lights

February 12, 2019 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Whether it’s for functional or decorative reasons, consumers love adding lights inside their homes, and lighted product has become a significant part of our assortment of wholesale indoor home accents. This is especially true in the fall and winter seasons, since the sun sets earlier in the winter, and the holidays that many celebrate during this time make additional lit items especially relevant. Light add even more beauty and fascination to our already-beautiful designs.

LED Wall Canvas

We introduced our lighted stretched canvas wall art last year, and it proved to be a hit with our retailers. Our assortment includes designs with either LED or fiber-optic effects. The lights are placed to appropriately complement the artwork, and some change color or use flickering effects. Our newest and most impressive pieces include not only include lights, but also play music or sound effects! Each of our lit canvases includes a “Try Me” button so consumers can see how these work in the store without batteries.

LED Table Decor

For the upcoming holiday season, we’re offering more of the LED-lit glass orbs and cloches that have become so popular for us. Our newest pieces feature exclusive in-house art, and they’re each lit by LEDs that are powered by AA batteries. For an extra special touch, one of our new collections includes a special flickering light inside that mimics the look of a real flame.

As another way to add both lights and motion for the Christmas season, we have a variety of
motorized sculpted snow villages and holiday scenes. All of them move and light up, and the larger pieces also play a 5-minute medley of 8 different Christmas songs. All the pieces with music include a feature on the switch to turn on the lights and motion while leaving the music off. Take a look at one of our favorites in the video below.

We have several new lantern-shaped light-up water globes that include glitter that’s moved by a small motor in the base. In addition to lighting up, many also include music. When the light catches the glitter, it can actually sparkle out onto surrounding surfaces for a magical effect. They also include the option to turn the music off, while keeping the lights and glitter going. You can see one in action in the video below.

LED Candles

We’ve offered flameless LED wax candles in our Cypress Home line for years, and continue to expand our selection to help retailers support the demand. While most of our flameless candles are unscented, we have three new 5” scented options in solid colors that are perfect for holiday celebrations. Each color features a different scent, and the wick moves back and forth for a real flame look. Again, you have to see these in action to appreciate them.

Don’t miss our newest shaped candles at a variety of price points, from our shaped snowman, to our skeleton hand for Halloween, up to our candles with motorized rotating Christmas scenes inside. Some of our new LED candles use patented designs which incorporate 15 seed lights that are wrapped around the candle for added effect. These candles are 5” tall and the lights can last for around 40 days using the 6-hour timer function.

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