Liven Up Your Lighting with Lanterns

Lanterns have a variety of uses both inside or outside of the home. They can also be the centerpiece of choice for a variety of events and activities. They also have the versatility to be both decorative and functional. We offer a wide selection of lanterns in various styles and sizes, and some of them are even outdoor safe. Many of our lanterns are designed without a light inside to let the shopper provide their own lighting source, whether candles or LED string lights.

Decorative Indoor Use

As wedding season begins, lanterns are a major component for centerpieces for chic brides and grooms for bridal showers or the big day. Lantern centerpiece ideas found on Pinterest range from wrapping them in burlap to surrounding them with flowers, allowing them to suit any theme to create an elegant atmosphere. For a southern or rustic theme, Evergreen Enterprises has a selection of mason jar lanterns for weddings, beach-house, and summer decor.

For coastal regions or beach themes, we have solar coastal teal blue, turquoise, and seashell lanterns (seen at right) that ship to retailers in a convenient 12-piece display unit.

For an everyday look, we introduced new glass copper lanterns from Cape Craftsmen, each with a distinct embossed pattern and metallic shimmer. Read our highlights article to learn more about our new lantern and candle collections.

Lanterns are also iconic decorative symbols for homes during religious ceremonies or celebrations for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and more. For example during the month of Ramadan, Muslims will decorate their homes with lanterns.

Cape Craftsmen Floral Die-Cut Designed Elephant Lanterns (Made in India)


Functional Outdoor Use

Fluttering Garden Friends Solar Lanterns

The majority of our outdoor lanterns can be used indoors as decorative accents, however, due to their solar powered components, they are best suited for outdoor enjoyment.

Our Evergreen Garden line's most popular designs are the glass solar lanterns. In this collection, you'll find a variety of colors, designs, and etchings for use in summer garden parties and barbecues to patriotic memorials.

Retailers who love the look of our bird baths will also love our glass embossed light-up solar lanterns. These favorites are perfect to hang in the patio, umbrella, or tree as they allow you to continue the night garden party. Retailers can shop the entire Night Garden collection to create a powerful statement in their stores.

If you're looking for a winning style among our huge selection of outdoor lanterns, one of our top selling items for spring and summer is our mosaic glass solar lantern (item 2SP4843, shown below).

Licensed Sports Lanterns

Sports fanatics will find lots to cheer about with the incredible selection available from our Team Sports America brand's outdoor solar-powered lanterns in officially-licensed NFL, NHL, NCAA, and MLB teams. Most styles of lanterns can be hung with the attached hook to a wall, patio, umbrella or tree as well as used tabletop!

Ohio State Solar Garden Lantern
Here are three of our favorite styles:

1. The garden solar powered tabletop lantern is one of our newest designs available in most teams designed after the popularity seen in our garden line. The team's logo is illuminated on all 4 sides of the panel.

2. Team Sports America's patent-pending solar lantern birdfeeders has a multi-functional design that stores bird seed as well as lights up at night to highlight the team logo.

3. Our Firefly Silicone Solar Team Lanterns are a must-have! The uses of this indispensable lantern are nearly limitless. Learn more about them by reading our article: 50 Ways to Use Firefly Lanterns.

Retailers: if you haven’t stocked up on lanterns, this is the perfect time to do so. Login to our Online Resource Center today at

New Ways to 'Refresh' Yourself from Cypress Home


Whether it’s coffee mugs, water bottles, or tea cups, drinkware continues to be a very popular part of our Cypress Home brand of gifts for kitchen and entertaining. From those who want practical ways to stay hydrated to those who simply want fun ways to enjoy their favorite beverage, our Refresh line has what any retailer needs to meet the expectations of shoppers. We also offer drinkware in a variety of materials, from glass to ceramic to stainless steel to acrylic and more!

In our latest round of new products, we introduced some exciting new items that will appeal to both connoisseurs and casual shoppers alike.

Help Bees, Bats, and Ladybugs Protect Your Garden

Among retailers and consumers, our range of garden décor products is known for both their beauty and their function. Each year, we develop new wholesale garden accents for independent retailers to offer in their stores which will not only look great in a shopper’s yard or garden, but will also serve a practical purpose.

As a company, we also focus on conservation gardening and providing responsible, natural solutions to common outdoor concerns. There’s been a growing interest in promoting the well-being of friendly garden animals and insects—from bats to butterflies to bees—that are known for being helpful to a healthy outdoor environment. The pollinator population in an area is a strong indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem. Natural pollinators like butterflies, bees and birds help keep local flowers and plants growing. Our habitats can attract pollinators, helping retailers offer these solutions to their customers.

Home Décor Highlights from Cape Craftsmen

Cape Craftsmen is one of the oldest Evergreen brands, offering mainstay products for interior home décor, from furniture to wall art to tabletop items. Our focus on both traditional and trendy indoor furnishings and accessories includes a wide array of products across a range of artistic themes, from natural and nautical to upscale and urban.

Here are some highlights of our newest product from our latest Cape Craftsmen release.

Folding Furniture


Some of our folding furniture pieces
Functional furniture has always been a major part of the Cape Craftsmen line. They're great storage solutions, and offer a lot of flexibility in use. Our multi-purpose pieces are just as much at home in a consumer's living room as they are in a retailer's store as a display for other Evergreen products.

In 2017, we introduced a new collection of furniture that that can be folded into a compact shape. The ability to fold up means they're easy to ship for the retailer and easy to store for the consumer, and the fact that nearly no assembly is required makes them easier on everyone. Each piece is made of a sturdy metal frame in a gray-toned finish, along with strong, thick wood panels. Top sellers include our large statement bookcase, our handy rolling cart, and our smaller 3-tier shelves. We also created short how-to videos for each pieces, demonstrating how to fold them up.

For 2018, we expanded our folding furniture collection with new pieces that continue to combine fashionable style with functional storage in a very unique way.  On some of our new cabinets are accented with galvanized corrugate metal. From our new folding 3-shelf unit with 6 drawers, to our new coffee table to our large, foldable 3-tier shelf we have options for many different scenarios. We also offer a few pieces in a beautiful red, based on the popularity of our top-selling red outdoor furniture. These are also powder-coated, so they can work well in any room inside the home, or even outside in the garden.

Alternative Wall Décor


Our vintage car "alternative" wall décor
Our metal beaded metal flower décor
Wall decor is another significant part of what Cape Craftsmen offers. From our classic stretched canvas artwork, to recent fresh techniques like our typography, we cover all the bases. While wall art is traditionally rectangular, many people are looking for less conventional options. So it’s no surprise that what we call “Alternative” wall decor has become our most popular category of wall decor, as people really gravitate towards the uniquely shaped and textured pieces that we offer. In our latest Cape Craftsmen catalog, we have styles to cover a wide range of themes from coastal to western to botanical looks. Mirrors are another great practical “alternative” to wall art, and we offer a wide variety, with several options made of galvanized metal.

Many of our wall décor pieces are truly hand-crafted for an artisan look, using a mixture of materials and finishes. We have some really large pieces, like our vintage car which showcases different metal materials and great craftsmanship. And our collection of 8-inch wooden letters offers a small-sized option that also plays into the monogram and messaging trends.

Artisan Products

Our 3-tiered display with embossed butterflies
There's a growing movement these days toward more hand-crafted product. With more global awareness, people are looking to decorate with pieces that represent a wider range of cultural styles and that reflect a locally-made, one-of-a-kind look. These upscale décor items are truly artisan-crafted and were made to be a lasting artistic statement. In many cases, no two pieces will be exactly alike!

From our new metal trays with organic shapes and multi-layered finishes that include plating and enamels, to our tiered display stands with unique metal work, these pieces can hold special items or simply be admired on their own. The same is true of our nested metal storage baskets which are just as attractive as they are functional, with their wooden and embossed metal lids.



Our multiple sizes of lidded vessels with hand-etched patterns
Whether they're used as a functional lighting accent, or as a way to create a welcoming environment, candles are a natural extension of the home decor focus that Cape Craftsmen is known for. Last summer, we introduced candles into the Cape Craftsmen line, and we're expanding the collection in this release, with several new higher-end products.

Minimalist gold metal and smoked glass candles
Each candle comes in a decorative container made of metal, glass, or a combination of the two, with designs that fit into many tried and true home decor styles, across a range of price points. Many have multiple wicks to create a wonderful, strong light. Some of our most impressive new candles come in large, lidded vessels that are made of blown glass, along with hand-etched botanical patterns. The etching means they can become a fantastic tabletop accessory after the wax is gone. Speaking of wax, each of our candles is made with hand-poured paraffin wax, all our newest candles are scented. Our fragrances include our Lodge scent of sandalwood and cedar, our Black Saffron scent, with woody undertones, and our Paradise scent, which is a mixture of water lily, jasmine, and coconut.

Alongside our candles, we offer various lanterns that can serve as candle holders. From embossed luster glass, to woven wire techniques, to die cut metal patterns, these cast visually-interesting effects from any candlelight that comes from inside.

Retailers can shop all our home décor options, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our Online Resource Center at:

Make a Flashy Greeting with Lighted Flags & Doormats

Stars of the Season™ is Evergreen's trademark name across all our various brands that include products with bold and innovative lighted elements. For our retailers, the biggest and busiest season for decorative lighting is late fall, as consumers are looking for ways to illuminate the darker days and longer nights of winter with stunning lit products. And as a leading wholesale provider of decorative house and garden flags, we of course include impressive lighted options in our Evergreen Flag brand. In flags, we offer much more than just lighting. Our products pair the beauty of light with the detailed, trend-relevant imagery that we're known for.

Racing Towards Health & Wellness

At Evergreen Enterprises, health and wellness isn't just a shopping trend; it's a way of life! We've all heard of the reports that have come out over the last couple of years that warn of the health dangers of sitting continuously for hours throughout the day, such as heart disease and more [CBS News]. Our team is working to combat those risks through exercise programs for employees before, during, and after office hours.

Evergreen Enterprises' fitness classes
A few years ago, we installed a small fitness room for employee-run fitness classes such as Zumba, PiYo, Insanity, and Strong, as well as bicycles for spin classes and elliptical machines. We also repainted our parking lot to add a walking track, while encouraging employees to walk twice a day during morning and afternoon breaks.

Our Virtual Appalachian Trail
The walking breaks became so popular that the company has virtually walked enough miles to cover the Appalachian Trail two years in a row! As studies have shown, this not only helps maintains good health, but also improves moods, morale and work performance by significant amounts [NBC News].

One of the ways we strive to be a better company is to become a better neighbor in the community. And we believe this happens both globally and locally.

We regularly participate as a company in Richmond, Virginia's most popular footrace, the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k. Evergreen Enterprises is just one of many corporate teams among the 30,000 race participants. The team dresses in branded green shirts and shows off their pride before and after the race has been completed. The unique route and thousands of spectators create a fun, heart-pumping race experience.

The 2017 Evergreen Enterprises Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k Team

2017 Ukrop's Monument Ave. 10k flag
Last year, we decided to work with Sports Backers, the organizers of the race, as a corporate sponsor. As part of our sponsorship, our staff designed and produced a unique flag for the occasion. These flags were donated and displayed along the course and throughout the local area. Evergreen began as a flag company, and there's always been a special place in our hearts for flags. It became our unique way to help promote healthy habits in the community.

In the process of expanding our B. Boutique line of fashionable apparel and gifts for ladies and babies, we started thinking of ways to incorporate the values of healthy lifestyles into our products. The result was our B. Performance collection of clothing and accessories. We developed an assortment that would be suitable for consumers whether they're hitting the gym or running around town. We included unique features like mesh inserts, on-trend messaging and cut-out detailing, for an athletic assortment that's both functional and fashionable. Add a reusable water bottle and you're off!

Speaking of bottles, our Cypress Home Refresh line includes a complete selection of cups and other drinkware, including reusable water bottles. They come in a variety of materials including stainless steel and glass for eco-friendly and health conscious consumers. It's commonly known that water is an essential nutrient for your body [Web MD], and as you exercise, you need to drink water to stay hydrated. Using a reusable water bottle also helps protect the health of our environment and natural resources. In fact, our company leadership recently decided to eliminate all disposable plastic water bottles from the office. If you're ever visiting our headquarters, we'll be happy to offer you a drink of water in one of our reusable bottles, which you can take with you when you go.

Retailers can shop all our thousands of products using our Online Resource Center at

Top 10 Best-selling Products for Spring & Summer

Throughout February, we counted down the top 10 best-selling products for spring and summer (according to our retailers) on our Facebook page. As the snow starts to melt and the flowers begin to bloom, we encourage our retailers to check out the items that make the biggest impact for these seasons and more like them!