Racing Towards Health & Wellness

At Evergreen Enterprises, health and wellness isn't just a shopping trend; it's a way of life! We've all heard of the reports that have come out over the last couple of years that warn of the health dangers of sitting continuously for hours throughout the day, such as heart disease and more [CBS News]. Our team is working to combat those risks through exercise programs for employees before, during, and after office hours.

Evergreen Enterprises' fitness classes
A few years ago, we installed a small fitness room for employee-run fitness classes such as Zumba, PiYo, Insanity, and Strong, as well as bicycles for spin classes and elliptical machines. We also repainted our parking lot to add a walking track, while encouraging employees to walk twice a day during morning and afternoon breaks.

Our Virtual Appalachian Trail
The walking breaks became so popular that the company has virtually walked enough miles to cover the Appalachian Trail two years in a row! As studies have shown, this not only helps maintains good health, but also improves moods, morale and work performance by significant amounts [NBC News].

One of the ways we strive to be a better company is to become a better neighbor in the community. And we believe this happens both globally and locally.

We regularly participate as a company in Richmond, Virginia's most popular footrace, the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k. Evergreen Enterprises is just one of many corporate teams among the 30,000 race participants. The team dresses in branded green shirts and shows off their pride before and after the race has been completed. The unique route and thousands of spectators create a fun, heart-pumping race experience.

The 2017 Evergreen Enterprises Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k Team

2017 Ukrop's Monument Ave. 10k flag
Last year, we decided to work with Sports Backers, the organizers of the race, as a corporate sponsor. As part of our sponsorship, our staff designed and produced a unique flag for the occasion. These flags were donated and displayed along the course and throughout the local area. Evergreen began as a flag company, and there's always been a special place in our hearts for flags. It became our unique way to help promote healthy habits in the community.

In the process of expanding our B. Boutique line of fashionable apparel and gifts for ladies and babies, we started thinking of ways to incorporate the values of healthy lifestyles into our products. The result was our B. Performance collection of clothing and accessories. We developed an assortment that would be suitable for consumers whether they're hitting the gym or running around town. We included unique features like mesh inserts, on-trend messaging and cut-out detailing, for an athletic assortment that's both functional and fashionable. Add a reusable water bottle and you're off!

Speaking of bottles, our Cypress Home Refresh line includes a complete selection of cups and other drinkware, including reusable water bottles. They come in a variety of materials including stainless steel and glass for eco-friendly and health conscious consumers. It's commonly known that water is an essential nutrient for your body [Web MD], and as you exercise, you need to drink water to stay hydrated. Using a reusable water bottle also helps protect the health of our environment and natural resources. In fact, our company leadership recently decided to eliminate all disposable plastic water bottles from the office. If you're ever visiting our headquarters, we'll be happy to offer you a drink of water in one of our reusable bottles, which you can take with you when you go.

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Top 10 Bestselling Products for Spring & Summer

Throughout February, we counted down the top 10 best selling products for spring and summer on our Facebook page. As the snow starts to melt and the flowers begin to bloom, we encourage our retailers to check out the items that make the biggest impact for these seasons and more like them!

Why Choose Evergreen for Wholesale Flags?

Decorative flags are Evergreen's cornerstone product. We offer wholesale garden flags and house flags with more material and trim options than anyone. Our dimensional adornments, detailed embroidery, and range of hundreds of fabric options make us truly unique. We also offer more design options than anyone: we have monogram flags, Christmas flags and other holiday flags, seasonal flags, and much, much more. We partner with exclusively licensed artists, so that every flag design is an Evergreen exclusive design. For sports fans, we carry NFL team flags, as well as college flags, baseball flags and more.

Flag Materials

Evergreen's classic appliqué material

Our Applique flags are handcrafted from soft, 310 denier, high quality nylon fabric and often feature embroidered and embellished details. All designs are double-sided, like two flags sewn together! These flags offer all the Evergreen quality in slightly simplified designs and have a classic appeal.

Our Burlap flags were born from a hot trend, and they're now here to stay. We use an outdoor-safe poly-burlap with a rich, woven texture. Designs are applied with a screen printing technique, as well as 3D patch-on embellishments and embroidery. Like applique, they're all double-sided.

An embellished flag made of our outdoor-safe poly-burlap
Our Satin flags offer an easy price point for customers on a tighter budget. They allow light to pass through, which illuminates the sublimated design.

A printed suede flag

Our Suede flags use a sublimated technique on a light-blocking material that allows designs to be read from both sides. In some cases, we even offer two different designs on front and back! These feature super softness, brilliant color, and non-fray stitching. We were the first to offer suede flags–and these are our top-selling flag type year-round.

Linen is our newest material in flags. It has a woven texture similar to burlap, but with a softer feel. Also like burlap, it includes screen printing along with suitable embellishments, and constructed like two flags back to back.

All our flags are outdoor flags. They're made from top-quality materials and are 100% outdoor safe. Our flag fabrics and dyes are UV-treated for fade resistance and long-lasting color.

With over 25 years in the flag business, we have the largest penetration in the market, and we've remained competitively priced against other vendors in the market.  We offer on-time delivery, and our vertical integration allows us to even provide in-season reorders.

This linen flag features a coating on the lemonade jar to make it shimmer when sunlight reflects off it
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'Home for the Holidays' Trend Looks from Cypress Home

Home for the Holidays is our key trend and biggest new collection for Fall-Holiday 2018. It reflects a simpler, more natural life, with classic, elegant designs. Within Home for the Holidays, there are 4 distinct themes, but the overall color palette and key icons are the same, to help retailers coordinate them together in stores.

Spice Up Your Lighting with Light-N-Motion™ Lanterns

Looking for a lighting accent that goes the extra mile? Our unique Light-N-Motion™ lanterns cast pulsing light patterns onto nearby surfaces, adding a touch of magic to any space’s atmosphere.

Light-N-Motion™ is a patent-pending lighting approach offered exclusively by Evergreen. Each product in this collection casts a moving pattern of light onto nearby surfaces. The secret is in the LED light mechanism inside that shines through the patterns of the vessel, and the programming of the LEDs creates the appearance of moving light all around the piece, for a truly mesmerizing effect.

25 Ways to Use A Tiered Cart

30 Ways to Use a Tiered Cart

Tiered carts or bar carts are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could have in your home or your store. With their varied uses, they can be used and styled in any room, from the kitchen to a bedroom, or even in a cubicle at work. Being able to wheel the carts to almost any place needed is a convenient feature that is one of the reasons why these carts have risen in popularity over the years.

Retailers: Shop our selection of tiered carts today!

1. Kitchen Cart
The most common usage of tiered carts are in the kitchen as an extra tabletop or mini-island preparation area. Most people use it as an extra storage space for mugs, plates, utensils, tea towels, bakeware, pots, pans and so much more.

You can also use it as a coffee or tea bar, turning a corner into a convenient area to store mugs, canisters, and a coffee maker. Style it with one of our trendy Refresh drinkware collections, like those featured in our tea shop article.

2. Entertaining bar cart to hold wine glasses, wine bottles, and coasters
3. Storage for perishables like fruit or potatoes
4. Pantry storage
5. Cleaning supply rack
6. Bedside table or night stand
7. Towel rack
8. Spa-like area to store lotions, nail polish, perfumes, and more
9. Bathroom mini-vanity / cosmetic storage area
10. Bathroom as a toilet paper rack

11. Nursery station to store diapers and wipes
12. Perfect for a craft room to store ribbons, art supplies, paper and so much more
13. Small book shelf for the office
14. Mud room shoe storage
15. Music room storage to store records, CDs and more
16. Teacher school room supplies
17. Outdoor entertaining bar cart
18. Toy storage area
19. Station to organize classwork
20. Laundry cart to hold detergents, fabric softeners, and more
21. Work station or file rack storage that slides under desk
22. If you assemble the basket facing the floor, the top of the cart can be used as laptop rack
23. Use as a decorative table for photo frames, accent pieces, and more.
24. Photo storage rack
25. Outdoor planter rack or garden decor rack

At Evergreen Enterprises, our Cape Craftsmen brand offers a variety of tiered cart options! We have metal carts as well as wood finishes to fit traditional, urban, industrial, western, country, as well as coastal styles. Some of our metal carts have been galvanized to make it outdoor safe!

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5 Tips on How to Get Your Small Business Online Quickly

Set your small business up for success online with little to no time!

Most retailers are now very aware of how much influence the online realm has on their business, but for those who have not yet entered that channel, it can be daunting to get started. Here at Evergreen Enterprises, we want to empower our small business retailers towards greater success and hope that the experiences we share will inspire our partners' online growth.

When most businesses start their online journey, they usually begin with launching a company website. While that step is highly recommended, the process of designing, developing, and launching it can last for several weeks. There are a few other things that can be accomplished in the meantime that can take just a few minutes to complete, yet can still have a significant impact on your business.