A Taste of Cape Craftsmen Trend Collections

With our Cape Craftsmen line of furniture, lighting, décor and more, we have everything you need to create a striking high-end look with unique pieces that coordinate in striking and subtle ways. We coordinate items within different thoughtfully curated trend collections that represent a variety of aesthetics.

At Ease Traditional

At Ease Traditional is an extension of the Modern Loft trend. It combines an industrial or urban architectural style with a bit of farmhouse décor to create a comfortable look full of neutral tones that can be just as much "down-home" as "up-town." This collection features multi-functional furniture such as our impressive wooden hutch and serving cart. We also highlight galvanized metal, often paired with natural or distressed wood. For fans of the recycled and repurposed approach, the new word is "rescue." We include items in this collection with irregular and uneven surfaces that have a worn or aged look. You see this in some of our unique wall pieces, like our wood-framed chalk board and our 19-inch metal and wood clock.

Oasis & Glamping

Our Oasis and Glamping collections capture a blend of indoors and outdoors. Oasis is all about creating a natural space in your home and is inspired by an emphasis on health and wellness, while Glamping is the new craze in camping where you dress up your campsite with home decor elements. On the Oasis side of things, we have some great colorful pieces, like our set of 2 metal and wood wall decor and our new flamingo lamp.

When it comes to Glamping, we have several pieces that take their cues from outdoor adventures. Our new corkboard has a fun printed map design, and includes pushpins to let you record your own travels. And our new folding chair can fit with multiple outdoor styles. It has a metal frame, the back and seats are covered in real leather, and the arms are made of teak wood. It’s easy to fold up for storage or to take to your next glamping site!

Waterside Naturals & Coastal Shimmer

This two-part collection goes from a blend of comfort and style, with a mix of whites and neutrals, to a contrasting combination of rainbow metallics and shimmering shells. Our white metal furniture helps anchor (no pun intended!) the Waterside look. Pieces like the nautical bench we combine perfectly with our colorful, 30-by-30-inch Rain Drops outdoor wall canvas. The Waterside collection also includes wood accent pieces that are hand-carved by artisans in India. In Coastal Shimmer, you'll see a lot of gold-toned metallics, like our starfish lamp which is 24 inches high, and our seashell and starfish wall art.

Floral Boho

Our Floral collection, From Boho to Watercolor, is filled with the beauty and drama of rich floral hues. We have a wide selection of new outdoor wall art in this group, from our 30-by-30 inch outdoor-safe canvas art, to our selection of hummingbird metal wall art that all capture the natural beauty and tones of birds and flowers in that flowing watercolor style. We also mixed in some of our fabric-wrapped functional metal wall art to complete the look.

…And we’re barely scratching the surface. There’s so much more to find within our curated trend collections and we would highly recommend browsing our Cape Craftsmen catalog to discover more!

Z-Fence: Our All-Natural Mosquito and Insect Repellent

Here at Evergreen Enterprises, we believe in natural solutions to common outdoor concerns, whether it's our ant moats to protect hummingbird feeders, or our bee houses to help promote the growth of the honeybee population. Items like our wasp catchers continue to be strong sellers at retail.
Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also carry a number of serious diseases like malaria, yellow fever, typhus, West Nile virus, and Zika. And many mosquito repellants today contain DEET, which is effective, but not very safe, especially when it comes to children. Did you know that only about a third of insect repellants on the market today are safe for kids? We've offered bat houses in the past, which can help reduce mosquitoes, since bats are their natural predators.

With the introduction of Z-Fence, our very own all-natural line of defense against mosquitos and flying insects, we're taking our natural solutions approach to the next level!

How It Works

Our entire Z-Fence line is based on specially-formulated repellents that are gentle, all-natural, and safe for the whole family. They work through a slow-release technology, which diffuses into soft material so it releases at a steady and consistent rate. The release of the repellant creates a 6-foot wide "safe zone" around the user or area, which serves as a barrier against insects.
The ingredients used in Z-Fence products are made from a mix of plant extracts, including geraniol, thyme, geranium oil, peppermint oil, and citronella. These are all registered with the EPA as acceptable active ingredients with minimum risk. Our products have also been tested at an independent lab here in the U.S. to make sure they are both safe and effective.

What We Offer

For protecting outdoor living spaces, our partially-glazed terracotta Z-Fuser oil diffusers are easy to use. You pour some of our Z-Oil into the vessel, and it's diffused out through the naturally-porous terracotta to create that repellent barrier effect. We have a selection of both one-piece and two-piece styles. Each Z-Fuser includes a 4-ounce bottle of our very own naturally-formulated Z-Oil, which is made of a mixture of geraniol and thyme, and tested in the U.S. for safety and effectiveness.

For outdoor lovers, we have a variety of wearable items that include a similar natural, slow-release repellant built in. Even with all-natural repellant formulas, some people can have reactions to putting insect repellant directly on their skin, and our wearable products offer a great alternative. Our braided Z-Bracelet is actually infused with the natural repellant. Our neoprene Z-Band has an adjustable fit, and holds a replaceable repellent tablet, as does our Z-Clip which easily goes anywhere. The bands and clips each include 2 tablets, which last up to 120 hours, so there's no need to re-apply like you would with a spray. Packs of extra Z-Tablet refills are of course available. For additional on-the-go flexibility, our Z-Pouch lets you clip a repellent tablet almost anywhere, and our Z-Stickers let you add a barrier against bugs literally anywhere!

For our retailer, we've also made sure all our Z-Fence products can merchandise seamlessly together in coordinating packaging and a recommended display for a great in-store presence.

With Z-Fence, you can stop worry about the dangers of mosquitoes and harmful chemicals, and get back to enjoying life outdoors!

Our Tea Shop is Open for Business!

In recent years, tea has become a much more popular beverage of choice in the U.S. Many tea drinkers are turning to loose leaf tea for a richer, more refined tea experience. With the world becoming a more interconnected place, we see how international influences are helping to encourage the continued growth of the tea market, especially loose leaf tea.

In our Cypress Home brand, our Refresh drinkware collection of beverage cups and accessories provides a wide selection of great gifts for tea lovers, like our cast iron tea pots and our rice grain tea sets. In our most recent Refresh catalog, we've introduced a complete new range of artistic (and yet totally functional) products for use with loose leaf tea. Our retailers can use these set a complete tea shop in their stores.

50 Ways to Use Firefly Lanterns

Our Firefly silicone lanterns are so nifty that we’re always stumbling onto new ways to use them. With a recent expansion of these solar and battery-powered lanterns, we thought it was a good time to brush up on the possibilities. With Firefly lanterns, you have a versatile lamp with multiple settings, as well as a flexible silicone container that can keep items dry–both functions that you can put to use in too many ways to count. This list is just the tip of the iceberg–we couldn’t possibly find every way to use these things!

Without further ado, here are 50 ways to use Firefly:

1. Decorating your outdoor living space
2. Building a campfire in the dark
3. When your campfire goes out during a downpour
4. Keeping matches, lighter and flint dry
5. Reading outdoors at night
6. Lighting up a tent
7. Finding something small you dropped in your yard
8. Having a late-night pool party
9. Trick-or-treating
10. Keeping your Cohiba cigar dry while camping
11. Exploring a dark cave
12. Hunting rascally rabbits
13. Lighting up a boat dock
14. Midnight strolls on the beach
15. Creating the perfect mood lighting around a hot tub
16. Doing plumbing work under a sink
17. Hooking a worm while fishing at dawn or dusk
18. Nighttime boat or kayak rides

19. Storing water for an evening hike
20. Being safe walking at night
21. Cooking the perfect steak on your grill at night
22. Christmas caroling
23. Changing a flat tire in the dark
24. Nighttime dog-walking
25. Checking traps for critters
26. Living off the grid
27. Nighttime pool parties
28. Keeping keys or phones safe while canoeing, rafting or kayaking
29. Getting through a power outage
30. Hiking trips
31. Attending an outdoor concert
32. Sending SOS signals
33. Lighting up your bike so cars can see you

34. Crawling around a creepy attic
35. Nighttime skiing
36. Storing medication and first aid essentials while camping
37. Exploring haunted houses
38. Riding out a hurricane
39. Lighting a subject with great soft light for nighttime photography
40. Stocking a survival kit
41. Fun in a tree house
42. Walking in the woods
43. Lighting up a jack-o-lantern
44. Horseback riding at night
45. Lighting a walkway
46. Comforting kids who are afraid of the dark
47. Performing electrical work without power
48. Providing light for vendors at outdoor events
49. Showcasing a garden flag
50. Catching (literal) fireflies!

…and there’s so much more. We want to hear from you, so tell us how you use your Firefly on Facebook or Twitter! Retailers can shop all of our Firefly designs at www.MyEvergreenOnline.com.

Seasonal Celebrations: Outdoor Accents for the Home

At Evergreen Enterprises, we've become known over the years for our seasonally-relevant outdoor decor that adds both decorative charm and practical functionality to porches and gardens. Our Evergreen Garden brand usually takes a category-oriented approach of more functional garden products, while our New Creative brand focuses on a more decorative, lifestyle-oriented selection.

In our recent Fall-Holiday 2017 product release, we combined both our outdoor brands into one catalog that's geared towards the growing trend of holiday home decor. We call it "Seasonal Celebrations: Outdoor Accents for the Home." Whether you're a retailer that stocks a wide range of traditional garden items, or none at all, we believe this new catalog will have something relevant for your customers.

Here are 4 key areas that we believe will be a hit.

Drinkware Pieces You'll Love for Fall-Holiday 2017

With our Refresh line from Cypress Home, we offer attractive, durable and fun drinkware pieces like travel coffee cups, tumblers, and much more. Drinkware items from Cypress Home make fantastic gifts and easy impulse purchases, with several new categories with attractive and fun designs from our Cypress Home Fall-Holiday 2017 Catalog!

Perfect Cup
We introduced the "Perfect Cup" in 2015 and its popularity keeps on growing. The Perfect Cup is a lidded ceramic travel cup great for taking your hot beverages wherever you go. In our latest release, we added lots of new designs, expanding our selection with seasonal themes like Classic Holiday, Winter's Essence and Vintage Christmas. Don’t forget: we have several styles where you can color the cup yourself!

In the Perfect Cup, we also offer a couple of new techniques in a few top designs for Holiday 2017. First, we're giving them a clear Tritan lid. This is the similar to the popular slide-close lid on our glass tumbler. Tritan™ is a trademarked co-polyester material that's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Second, these select Perfect Cups will come with a unique silicone, comfort-grip handle. The new paint we're using on the handle includes a silicone mixture which gives it a soft, almost silky feel.

Cup O’ Java
Our Cup O’ Java is an updated version of our Cup O’ Joe coffee cup. It has all the features of the Cup O’ Joe (including designs with metallic embellishments), holds 18 ounces and is decorated with themes and sayings that are popular with shoppers. Our Shine Bright assortment is a sparkling take on the holiday season with geometric and crystalline icons. In addition to individual and 2-assorted options, we offer assortments of 4 designs. These assortments of 4 are sold in quantities of 2, specifically built with our great two-tiered, 8-pegged mug display in mind. This display is great for a store display, but it's just as fantastic for using in a home. Its powder coasted so it works great as a functional drying rack. The Cup O’ Java merchandises open stock.

Shaped Novelty Cups
Our shaped novelty cups are a brand new category for Holiday 2017, and we are introducing several designs in this piece type. Each one of these is an exclusive Evergreen design that was created in house, so you won’t find these styles anywhere else. Our vintage Santa cup is a cheery old-fashioned Santa Claus with rosy cheeks and a hat that doubles as a handle. Other designs include a Christmas tree, pumpkin and more.

Rice Grain Tea Sets
Our rice grain tea sets include tea cups and saucers with clear holes in the material that look open, but really aren’t. It's a pretty amazing effect when you go to pour a drink into one of these.

The name "rice grain" refers to a technique where the decoration is made by hand-pierced holes that have a shape similar to a that of a rice grain. Then these holes are filled with a translucent glaze before the piece is fired. It is said that this technique came to China from Turkey during the 14th century. It's a very tedious and time-consuming process, and the details are done by a highly skilled artisan, so these are truly handmade pieces.

We offer this technique in sets of cups and saucers, with the technique applied to both the cup and the saucer. In terms of care, we recommend hand-washing.

Cast Iron Teapots
Our cast iron teapots come in 4 different unique silhouettes and range in capacity from 24 ounces up to 30. Cast iron teapots are very durable, they absorb heat evenly and allow the water to heat up steadily over time, infusing the tea flavor into the water effortlessly with the included stainless steel infuser.

These are hand-wash only, and are not intended to go onto a stove. You would boil the water to the temperature you need in a separate container and then pour it into the teapot. You steep the tea in the infuser for as long as you need, depending on taste.

These teapots are enamel coated on the inside, which is the higher end of the two options, so you don't have to worry about chipping the paint or having it rust after you wash the inside.

Retailers can shop all our popular drinkware products at MyEvergreenOnline.com.

Top 5 Home Decor Trends for Fall-Holiday 2017

At Evergreen, we know the importance of on-trend home decor, especially for the fall and winter holiday season. With our recent Fall-Holiday 2017 catalogs, especially for our Cypress Home brand of products for home decor and entertaining, we've curated items according to trend-relevant collections. Here are the top 5 looks you don't want to miss!