Cottage Displays: Give Garden Items a Great Home In Your Store

As a leader in decorative garden products, we value the feedback we get from our retail partners. Our retailers have frequently shared two specific needs with us. First is the need to show key garden product categories in a way that's easy for their shoppers to see, whether bird houses, bird feeders, habitats, solar product, kinetic spinners—you name it. The second need they have is more signage and visual content to make themselves relevant to how consumers shop today.

Our new Cottage displays provide solutions for both of those needs!

Turn Your Store Into a Flag Shop

As the industry wholesale leader in outdoor decorative flags (including applique, suede, burlap, felt, and more) our company's success is built on the strength of our thousands of independent local retailers. So we're always hard at work to find new ways to help our retailers succeed in growing their business. One way we do this is by offering best-in-class merchandising solutions for our retailers. This past summer, we rolled out a major new way for retailers to display our wide range of flag products in stores.

Decorative Statement Stakes from Evergreen

Statement Stakes from Evergreen Flag are versatile outdoor-safe fabric pieces that we offer in a range of welcoming, seasonal designs. They can be a great decorative addition to lawns, homes, patios, or doors, with the option to either hang, stake, or display on a stand. Like our flags and door décor, these statement pieces feature unique embellishments crafted from many different materials.

36-inch Statement Stakes

Our full-size Statement Stake is 36" high, or 44" high when mounted on the metal “h”-based stake, which is sold separately. Each piece is double-sided and outdoor-safe, with dimensional designs that include embellishments, mixed materials, and unique fabrics. Each one has a ribbon on top to give consumers an option of hanging these like door décor. In full-size Statement Stakes, we also offer a few lighted designs for some extra flair! Some designs include a write-on chalkboard feature, like this birthday piece–which makes a great party decoration! Some designs include a write-on chalkboard feature, like our birthday piece–which makes a great party decoration!

24-inch Statement Stakes

Our petite Statement Stake is an all-in-one solution and includes the mounting stake. These 24” Statement Stakes are one sided, and are 33” tall when combined with the stake. Like the 36” Stake, they’re outdoor-safe, they include embellishments, mixed materials, and ribbons for easy hanging. These make great decorations on walls and doors. We offer these at a value price!

Hardware & Merchandising

The mounting stakes for our Statement Stakes have a classic h-shaped base which can fit in any of our standard garden flag bases, or be inserted into the ground or a planter. We’re also introducing a new metal floor base in a classic scroll design. For our full-size statement stakes, we recommend the Triangle display and we have new signage that retailers can add to the display specifically for statement stakes. We have a set of 3 signs—one for each side for 360-degree visibility. For our petite size statement stakes, we recommend the garden flag merchandiser as a secondary display solution. We also have an option to merchandise Statement Stakes within our flag shop. These wall-based merchandising solutions come in two different setups and with eye-catching signage.

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New Wind Spinners from Evergreen

With our latest Garden release, we continue to offer a wide selection of kinetic wind spinners (also called whirligigs or wind catchers). Our garden spinners simulate movement found in nature and add visual interest to yards and gardens. We offer these pieces in styles that can be staked, clamped to a deck railing, or hung from trees.

We carry many different sizes of kinetic garden art, with certain items over 6 feet tall. Our beautiful large sculptures make a bold statement in any garden, and ship KD for convenience.  These have a different motion patterns to create a variety of visual effects! We also offer a kinetic topper program lets customers pair a topper with a staked base to create a kinetic garden sculpture that is 48 inches tall.

Our hydro spinners stand 89 inches tall, and are offered in 2 different colorations. Each one has a 4-prong stake base, along with an attachment for your water hose, to feed water into them, and create an extra stunning effect, plus the added functional benefit of watering your lawn or flower bed.

We also combine the strength of movement with the popularity of lighting, with our new solar spinners which are over 6 feet tall and offer bright colored designs that look beautiful when spinning, whether by day or night.

Our charming mini garden spinners are 18 inches tall and look great in planters. They make great additions to gardens or our mini-gardens! We offer several mini kinetics with an included clamp for mounting on the edge of a deck.

Hanging spinners

Our twirlers are hanging wind spinners that range in size from 28 inches to 36 inches and mesmerize with their twisting motion. They come in brightly colored designs for spring and summer. Our new 5-piece metal shepherd’s hook is the perfect way for consumers to show these off in their yard. It screws together easily to create a 6-foot tall pole.

We also have a selection of new 10-inch diameter spectrum spinners. These ship flat, and can be spread out by the retailer or consumer to create a unique sense of depth and motion when they spin. They create unique visual effects when they rotate–it’s hard to look away!

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Highlights From Our Latest Cypress Home Release

Our latest Cypress Home release features several major initiatives we thought we’d elaborate on! Our stoneware ceramic tabletop pieces come in a variety of high-end looks in coordinated colors, textures, and sculptural accents, while our latest expansion in artificial plants, floral bouquets and other flowery decorations includes a range of beautiful pieces that fit easily with our tabletop collections.

Ceramic Tabletop

Several Watercolor Boho pieces
Our latest tabletop and serving pieces are all made of stoneware ceramics. Stoneware is a rather broad term for pottery or other ceramics that are fired at a relatively high temperature. Because of this process, stoneware is generally tougher and more durable than other ceramics, which makes it great for serving pieces and drinkware. It's also nonporous, so it will not soak up liquids. All of our newest tabletop pieces will also include a stamp on the bottom with care instructions and material content for end consumer reference.

Part of what makes these stoneware tabletop items really unique is the sculpting and irregular shapes that we offer. You'll see both matte and glossy finishes, depending on the piece, as well as different art techniques like decal or hand-painted designs. Our Watercolor Boho pieces even feature metallic gold accents. There's also a wide variety of pieces, including canisters, serving trays, pitchers, bowls, and more. We easily match the competition, in both price and quality.


Our 22" hydrangea wreath
Our artificial floral arrangements, including succulents, wreaths, and bouquets, have many uses when it comes to decorating your home. Our wreaths make great accents on doors and walls–or hang them horizontally as an inventive centerpiece! We have an amazing 22" wreath full of hydrangeas that includes a loop on the back for easy hanging. Succulents can go almost anywhere, and we have small to medium succulent pieces in modern frames, attractive glass containers and more. Our floral assortments range from simple decorative fabric flowers in miniature watering cans to realistic bouquets that look and feel like the real thing. For some added flair, we even have tabletop flower arrangements with an LED lighting effect (here are a few)!

Retailers can pre-book these items now and your order will ship in time for the Spring-Summer 2018 selling season! We always recommend that our retailers pre-book their new items for the spring and summer to help ensure that we can have the inventory allocated when the season arrives.

Retailers can shop all our thousands of products using our Online Resource Center at

How to Choose the Right Kind of Floor Mat

A welcome mat outside the front door is still the most popular way to greet guests, and there are also countless opportunities for floor mats to help make the inside of a home cleaner, safer, and more attractive. With our selection of door mats, floormats, and rugs, we offer multiple ways to help our wholesale customers meet the needs of all kinds of consumers in their stores. Below is a guide to help you choose the from our different types of floormats, based on each one's unique properties and usage, so retailers can evaluate which type will best suit their shoppers. We summarize the qualities of each type by ranking them as "Good," "Better," or "Best" in terms of functional durability and decorative impact. 

Crucial Categories for Every Garden Section (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our guide of the best-selling garden product categories. In this section, we're covering outdoor lifestyle products, which are essential in any garden section! Check out yesterday's post for the lawn and garden categories.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Furniture & Benches

With our benches, chairs, and side tables, gardens and porches are the perfect places to sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Our benches come in a variety of shapes and patterns to meet many different tastes, from floral to coastal to lodge to everyday–and look great paired with our outdoor-safe pillows. Our benches are powder-coated to stay looking great for a long time. Some of our side tables are colorful glass tables that depict painted scenes of nature, while other side tables we offer feature unique sculptural designs.

A burlap flag with 3D fish embellishments


We have thousands of appliqué, poly-burlap, linen, and printed suede flags in countless designs for every season and holiday. As the leader in flags, we know our flags exhibit an attention to detail that makes all the difference to your customers!

Embossed, coir, trapper & Sassafras mats for the holidays

Floor mats

Floor mats are the perfect way to accent any door that leads to the outdoors. They’re necessary for trapping dirt and keeping homes clean, so we offer several great, functional types of mats that come in attractive seasonal designs. For maximum functionality, our trapper mats, embossed mats, and coir mats are textured to trap dirt. Our Sassafras mats are a great 2-piece floor mat solution, incorporating a durable surround or tray (made of either polypropelene or PVC) that holds a low-cost cushioned floormat insert that's easily changed out for seasons or special occasions.

Outdoor Wall Art

Our outdoor wall canvas, metal art pieces, and corrugated metal signs are perfect for decorating outdoor spaces. These pieces have a ton of personality and feature a wide selection of themed art. We also carry lighted décor, outdoor clocks, and unique “alternative” wall décor pieces that come in all sorts of silhouettes.

Outdoor Entertaining, Garden Statues & Wind Chimes

Last but not least, we have our melamine and acrylic dinnerware and serveware collections perfect for summer picnics or cookouts, our many whimsical statuary pieces, and a vast assortment of whimsical and charming wind chimes.

That wraps things up for our two-part review of our garden categories, but don't forget: there's so much more than we can review in a few blog posts. Make sure to browse our website, where you'll find more in garden, home, fashion, and more!