New Wind Spinners from Evergreen

July 28, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

With our latest Garden release, we continue to offer a wide selection of kinetic wind spinners (also called whirligigs or wind catchers). Our garden spinners simulate movement found in nature and add visual interest to yards and gardens. We offer these pieces in styles that can be staked, clamped to a deck railing, or hung from trees.

We carry many different sizes of kinetic garden art, with certain items over 6 feet tall. Our beautiful large sculptures make a bold statement in any garden, and ship KD for convenience.  These have a different motion patterns to create a variety of visual effects! We also offer a kinetic topper program lets customers pair a topper with a staked base to create a kinetic garden sculpture that is 48 inches tall.

Our hydro spinners stand 89 inches tall, and are offered in 2 different colorations. Each one has a 4-prong stake base, along with an attachment for your water hose, to feed water into them, and create an extra stunning effect, plus the added functional benefit of watering your lawn or flower bed.

We also combine the strength of movement with the popularity of lighting, with our new solar spinners which are over 6 feet tall and offer bright colored designs that look beautiful when spinning, whether by day or night.

Our charming mini garden spinners are 18 inches tall and look great in planters. They make great additions to gardens or our mini-gardens! We offer several mini kinetics with an included clamp for mounting on the edge of a deck.

Hanging spinners

Our twirlers are hanging wind spinners that range in size from 28 inches to 36 inches and mesmerize with their twisting motion. They come in brightly colored designs for spring and summer. Our new 5-piece metal shepherd’s hook is the perfect way for consumers to show these off in their yard. It screws together easily to create a 6-foot tall pole.

We also have a selection of new 10-inch diameter spectrum spinners. These ship flat, and can be spread out by the retailer or consumer to create a unique sense of depth and motion when they spin. They create unique visual effects when they rotate–it’s hard to look away!

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