Highlights From Our Latest Cypress Home Release

June 29, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Our latest Cypress Home release features several major initiatives we thought we’d elaborate on! Our stoneware ceramic tabletop pieces come in a variety of high-end looks in coordinated colors, textures, and sculptural accents, while our latest expansion in artificial plants, floral bouquets and other flowery decorations includes a range of beautiful pieces that fit easily with our tabletop collections.

Ceramic Tabletop

Several Watercolor Boho pieces
Our latest tabletop and serving pieces are all made of stoneware ceramics. Stoneware is a rather broad term for pottery or other ceramics that are fired at a relatively high temperature. Because of this process, stoneware is generally tougher and more durable than other ceramics, which makes it great for serving pieces and drinkware. It's also nonporous, so it will not soak up liquids. All of our newest tabletop pieces will also include a stamp on the bottom with care instructions and material content for end consumer reference.

Part of what makes these stoneware tabletop items really unique is the sculpting and irregular shapes that we offer. You'll see both matte and glossy finishes, depending on the piece, as well as different art techniques like decal or hand-painted designs. Our Watercolor Boho pieces even feature metallic gold accents. There's also a wide variety of pieces, including canisters, serving trays, pitchers, bowls, and more. We easily match the competition, in both price and quality.


Our 22" hydrangea wreath
Our artificial floral arrangements, including succulents, wreaths, and bouquets, have many uses when it comes to decorating your home. Our wreaths make great accents on doors and walls–or hang them horizontally as an inventive centerpiece! We have an amazing 22" wreath full of hydrangeas that includes a loop on the back for easy hanging. Succulents can go almost anywhere, and we have small to medium succulent pieces in modern frames, attractive glass containers and more. Our floral assortments range from simple decorative fabric flowers in miniature watering cans to realistic bouquets that look and feel like the real thing. For some added flair, we even have tabletop flower arrangements with an LED lighting effect (here are a few)!

Retailers can pre-book these items now and your order will ship in time for the Spring-Summer 2018 selling season! We always recommend that our retailers pre-book their new items for the spring and summer to help ensure that we can have the inventory allocated when the season arrives.

Retailers can shop all our thousands of products using our Online Resource Center at MyEvergreenOnline.com