Keep the Home Fires Burning Safely with Organica Fire Pot Fuel

May 02, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Since its introduction into the market a few years ago, the outdoor ceramic fire pot has become a popular outdoor lighting accessory. They’re great for lighting an outdoor evening event, setting just the right mood on any deck or patio, while producing no annoying smoke or messy ash.

Unfortunately, we started hearing reports of serious injuries resulting from the incorrect use of traditional firepot fuel, leading to a Consumer Product Safety Commission recall. While we are still not aware of any incidents involving the Fireside fuel that we sold, it was obvious that the market needed a safer firepot fuel that would prevent these kinds of potentially dangerous situations.

Enter Organica: a safe and eco-friendly alternative fire pot fuel.

It's Safe

Certified by the USDA as 100% bio-based, Organica liquid is non-toxic and non-flammable. Unlike any other firepot fuel on the market, it's safe for indoor use and can be shipped by air.

The biggest danger when using traditional, alcohol-based gel fuel is caused by pouring it into a firepot that is still burning, causing the fuel to ignite unexpectedly and burn people nearby. Organica solves this problem with its unique, patented formula that won't burn at all until it has been absorbed by the proprietary solid media. Organica media, with its cotton-like texture made of all-natural fibers, is also patented. Similar to the way a candle needs a wick, Organica needs its media in order to burn.

Organica increases its safety factor with a much higher flash point than alcohol-based gel fuel. That means that it must get much hotter (265º compared to 55º for traditional gel) before it starts to burn. While we still don't recommend it, if you happen to accidentally pour additional Organica fuel into a lit firepot, the higher flash point keeps it from igniting and causing danger. If anything, it will tend to douse the flame instead of causing it to spread.

Once lit, the Organica flame can be easily extinguished with water.

It's Eco-Friendly

Because it's bio-based and non-toxic, Organica is also safe for the environment. It doesn't evaporate into the air, and when burned it releases far fewer emissions, when compared to alcohol-based fuels. When it comes to clean-up, no special disposal is required for the liquid fuel or the media. Disposal will also be less frequent, since Organica has a shelf life of 5 years (versus the 1-year shelf life of traditional products). And since it's not harmful, users don't have to worry about accidental spills harming nearby plants or animals.

As an illustration of its eco-friendly nature, Organica has been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union, which makes it an acceptable option for more buyers.

It's Easy to Use

Here's how to use Organica:

Remove the cool and dry metal insert burner cup from the firepot.
Press one roll of the Organica media to the bottom of the burner cup, then place the cup back in the firepot.
Fill the cup above the media with Organica fuel. Let it absorb into the media, then fill again.
Light the media with a lighter or match. In less than a minute the flame will develop across the media. (Because Organica has a higher flashpoint than alcohol fuel, it needs a bit of time to warm up.)

Then just sit back and enjoy the pleasing combination of blue, orange, and yellow flames.

When you're finished using the fire pot, simply douse the flame with a bit of water or a snuffer cover. After the media in the burner cup has cooled and dried out it is ready to be used again, up to 20 times. To be on the safe side, our advice is to wait 30 minutes after the flame has gone out to re-light. Once used up, simply throw out the media and replace with a new roll. Again, because Organica is bio-based and non-toxic, no special clean-up is required.

Organica fuel and media are sold separately in case quantities and are available now via our web site. Compared to traditional alcohol-based gel fuel, the cost per bottle is somewhat higher, but the fact that Organica is a much safer product—for both the user and the environment—makes it worthwhile. And really, what price can you put on safety?

While we still advise caution and adult handling when dealing with any kind of open flame, our new Organica fuel will allow more people to enjoy their outdoor firepot lighting with greater peace of mind. For a video demonstration of Organica, please visit our YouTube channel.

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