The Flag Buddy: When Every Flag Deserves to Look Its Best

January 27, 2015 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Evergreen flags are meant to be displayed, not just hung. Our outdoor, decorative house flags look their best when they hang straight and smooth, allowing the painted artwork or embroidered design to show clearly to all who pass by.

But many people hang their flag poles at a 45-degree angle using our popular brackets, which causes the flag to twist and fold over onto itself. Even flags hung vertically (from a horizontal pole) can sometimes be blown by the wind and become tangled on the pole. What to do?!?

Our solution is the Flag Buddy. It’s an accessory that attaches to any of our flag poles and then clips to one side of the flag, helping it stay straight and smooth at all times, at any angle! Flag Buddy is made of strong but lightweight aluminum, with a rubber o-ring on the pole attachment, and 5 clips to hold the entire length of the upper seam of the flag in place.

For the ultimate in flag display, you can also combine the Flag Buddy with our flag pole extension. It adds 36 extra inches to a flag pole to keep the flag up and away from overhangs or shrubs that would hide or damage it. It also helps elevate the flag higher in the air to help it be seen more prominently.

Flag Buddy is exclusive to Evergreen, and is patent-pending, so you won’t find this item anywhere else. Find it online, along with a fun video of what this unique product can do—not to mention hundreds of flag designs for all seasons—when you log in today at