Turn Your Store Into a Flag Shop

September 12, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

As the industry wholesale leader in outdoor decorative flags (including applique, suede, burlap, felt, and more) our company's success is built on the strength of our thousands of independent local retailers. So we're always hard at work to find new ways to help our retailers succeed in growing their business. One way we do this is by offering best-in-class merchandising solutions for our retailers. This past summer, we rolled out a major new way for retailers to display our wide range of flag products in stores.

Our newest strategy in flag merchandising is called the Flag Shop, which allows retailers to build a true in-store destination for their shoppers. Our wall-based solution was designed around 4-foot sections of wall, so store owners can create a powerful and inviting merchandising statement that's as long as they want it to be.

Retailers can purchase a hardware package for each of our core categories (such as Flags, Sassafras Floor Mats, Door Decor, Statement Stakes, and more) with fixtures that are similar to what you may already be familar with. We also have options for slat wall or peg board, and we improved the metal quality and thickness of each piece compared to previous hardware for long-lasting durability. We also offer eye-catching signage for each product category.

Retailers can also easily customize their product selection based on their regional customer base. We recommend showing only one design or style per peg, to make it easy for shoppers to quickly browse the selection, and then keeping back stock of each design on the peg to help keep consumers happy instead of disappointed to find you've sold out.  The Flag Shop also offers a tight fill for a maximum amount of product, to help the retailer show more seasonal designs, and allows the consumer to easily see coordinating products like floormats and mailbox covers. Plus it keeps the retail floor free for other merchandising needs, like existing free-standing flag displays you may already use.

Retailers who have already started using this approach are seeing significant increases in sales, sometimes as high as 30%! As they say, your mileage may vary, but in the competitive retail market, we know every bit helps.

To get a better look at how the Flag Shop concept works, take a look at our 2-minute video:

We believe this is the next generation in retail flag shopping. If you're a retailer, we hope you can see how this new display system can turn your store into a flag shopping destination!

To learn more about this or any product display solutions we offer, contact your local territory manager. You'll find their contact info when you login to our Online Resource Center at www.MyEvergreenOnline.com