Cottage Displays: Give Garden Items a Great Home In Your Store

September 19, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

As a leader in decorative garden products, we value the feedback we get from our retail partners. Our retailers have frequently shared two specific needs with us. First is the need to show key garden product categories in a way that's easy for their shoppers to see, whether bird houses, bird feeders, habitats, solar product, kinetic spinners—you name it. The second need they have is more signage and visual content to make themselves relevant to how consumers shop today.

Our new Cottage displays provide solutions for both of those needs!

We call them "Cottages" because they create a space-efficient home for our products on the sales floor. Each cottage is built around metal and laminate, along with wood features, to help them last for years at retail as well as be attractive for your store. They are beautiful, durable, and adaptable!

Our approach is to provide durable component pieces that can be configured in different ways to suit the space and goals of any retailer. For example, use the end cap pieces as standalone displays and then build double-sided programs. One side could include solar lighted products like Firefly lanterns and our glass garden items, then the other side could display natural habitats from birding to bees. Additional Cottage components include rolling boxes for stakes and spinners, as well as shelves, pegs, and a fantastic pergola top that can be used to bridge two end caps together.

For the strongest statement (and best function) we recommend using the end caps along with the pergola top to build a true destination that is a perfect home for many all kinds of products. The pergola top includes a metal grid for hanging items like windchimes, and it has a built-in row of electrical connections, so you can plug in any lighted products and power them on the sales floor using our AC adapters.

We also took a lot of the guesswork out of selecting the correct product fill by putting together 10 easy programs you can choose from, each focused on specific categories of our top products, from solar glass lanterns to hanging orbs. And all of our recommended assortments have signage options (like the example at right) that you can add to the display to easily and clearly communicate the features to you shoppers.

Whatever configuration you choose, these displays will help to differentiate your store from the competition. As a retailer, you'll not only be providing your shoppers with a best-in-class, easy experience; you'll also be presenting yourself as key provider in the categories you merchandise. Instead of just selling by item, you can establish your store in a position of authority, encouraging shoppers to return. You can also use these Cottages year-round, changing out products along with the seasons.

We think this is the next generation in retail shopping destinations, and we are so excited to offer you these as a turning point in your business strategy. To learn more or to discuss how these might best work in your store, contact your local Evergreen territory manager. You'll find their contact info when you login to our Online Resource Center at