Cypress Holiday Ornaments

February 25, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Christmas ornaments didn’t come into a holiday decorating staple until the 19th Century when Germans made, imported and sold those with the highest quality. Now they are an indispensable part of Christmas decorations, be it for the tree or the stockings, Christmas showers or the general décor of the house. The manufacture and sale of Christmas ornaments makes one of the greatest markets worldwide. Despite being increasingly commercialized, the use of Christmas ornaments lends its own special charm, alacrity to the old tradition every year and infuses true enthusiasm in the Christmas celebrations. Anyway, it is the time of the year when people are in a holiday mood and it's probably the best time to forgive and forget.

What Evergreen offers this fall/winter is a wide array of traditional and new collections. As indicated in its name, “Traditions of Christmas” collection pays tribute to those hot sellers from our historic orders. They usually come as 2 assorted sets featuring the classic red & green color combination and a variety of materials from plastic, glass, metal, paperpulp and ceramic. No matter how the fashion comes and goes, crimson and fresh green never seem to be out of date. But this year they’ve been given a modern touch with inscribed Christmas wishes or hand-painted floral. Since more people spend the holiday at home to get the warm and cozy feelings, mild tones gradually give way to rich colors, which combine to light up the homey entertainment atmosphere.  

Complexity and variety of ornaments are the driving engines of ornament sales. Christmas ornaments have come a long way from those earlier styles. For one thing, they're not just made of glass anymore. While glass is still the most popular style of ornament, plastic ornaments have gained a lot of ground. Plastic provides a more durable ornament that can resemble almost anything. Cartoon character ornaments, animated Christmas ornaments, even those that light up are more widely available and affordable, in plastic.

Consider some personalized gifts for yourself this year. Our “North Pole Candy Factory” collection best exemplifies the magic of plastic ornaments. This collection comes as 2 assorted coordinating ornaments inspired by the variety homey sweets from lollipops, gingerbread, cupcakes to hot chocolates. The candy theme, when paired with traditional must-haves like snowmen, jingle bell and reindeer, adds to the fun of holiday celebration.

Another featured collection in our fall/winter catalog is the “Heaven & Nature Sing”, which makes the best use of glittering gold color to add serenity and peacefulness of Christianity. Birds and floral remain the eternal theme, but a twist of tradition is realized with the clever compliment of shape, material and sculpturing.

Also don’t forget our “Northern Lights” collection, those bright winter lights that appear in the sky during the holiday months. These brightly decorated, fun-loving animals appear proudly adorned in Christmas lights. It’s a fun, light-hearted and sweet twist for people looking to deck their halls with brightly colored holiday décor.

Lynn Wagner
Product Line Manager, Cypress Home