Cypress Home, Easy Recipe For Success

February 22, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Cypress Home has gone a long way to have a variety of items. It started with core selling items such as ceramic crocks, mugs and melamine serve pieces with licensed artists and mostly in-house assortments. Now we’ve expanded the line to use some outside factories, which made a big difference in our quality and offering to our retailers. Our direction has gone from functional and serving items to gift and entertaining products with the brand statement Cypress Home, Easy Recipe for Success. The brand is geared towards Stylish Gifting, Easy Entertaining for our retailer’s consumers.

In the table top and giftable category, this year’s trend would be new, color friendly, trendy, functional and entertaining. It must be new and trendy to sell in this economy. And with that being said, more and more consumers are entertaining at home.

One of our Number 1 Sellers in 2009 has been the wine bottle holder in the form of a high heel zebra patterned shoe. Every woman loves the new, stylish and zesty flair, making it an easy sell for our retailers. We did a rhinestone on a high heel to give it a magazine. Then we start studs on a black shoe on our December issue. That’s where function and fashion meet. It’s fun, giftable and nobody has brought this style of sassy function to the market yet. Our wine and monogram products in their neat and fun well-packaging are highly giftable. They are functional inside the home as well as a perfect gift. We also have packaged together wine bottle stoppers and wine charms for gift sets, which make for great seasonal purchases like Valentine’s and Mother’s day.
We still keep our core functional Cypress Home business, the mugs and crocks, which carry into our collections as well. This line is very feminine since most of our end consumers are women with an age range of 30s to 60s. But we’re expanding into male categories, recently, too. For example, the wine bottle stopper with leather monogram has a more inspired masculine touch. And many of our collections are greatly inspired by men’s tastes, such as our lodge, seasonal and wine lovers themes.

Another big category is monogram decor. It’s personalized simply with a slight touch of elegance. It’s a great wedding gift when you present with the a great bottle of wine, and suggests that you searched to find this special gift just for them.

These days, more and more consumers are spending time at home and appreciate the warm and fuzzy feel-good items that surround them. That’s good for the Cypress line and we performed well in this line because of the more recent trend. Those hand-painted ceramics add a lot of detail, warmth and excitement to your home life. One unique feature of Cypress is that we put things together for collections and offer a whole program for our retailers. We offer them entire collections that are more affordable and offer greater variety and provide other incentives such as shipping opportunities. A buyer nowadays can definitely see the benefits: great savings on shipping collections together, unified design and coloring, items ranging from stemware, ecofriendly to fun, giftable items. It’s the total picture. Many buyers are cutting back on their travels and shows and working with one-stop vendor shops and providers. Offering this greater range of product lines presents a significant economic difference for most retailers.

Lynn Wagner
Product Line Manager, Cypress Home