Jewelry pieces you can use every day

February 24, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Personal Best is a home-grown brand of Evergreen with only one and half years’ history. Inspired by owner Ting Xu’s tour around the world, it’s a collection of distinctive personal accessories for the individual, home or office.

The chunky and fun concept, which has been around for years, is no stranger to the fashion and design world. At the same time, when Evergreen looks into its existing customer base, it finds small jewelry sections mushrooming inside gift stores, from street-side mom and pop shops to big names like Hallmark. Personal Best was thus born to reach those fashion lovers within a certain dollar range. They’re personalized jewelry pieces with chunky, fun and costume designs, but at a cheaper price than quality jewelries. It resonates well with those who aspire to self-expressive art pieces combining elements like monogram, functionality and free-styling.

Good opportunity for Evergreen to enter an area we’ve already had a margin on and integrate it into the infrastructure we’ve built up. Together with unique lines under our corporate family like Just the Right Shoe, Personal Best is a manifestation of Evergreen’s gradual shift into the gifting industry and determination to hit that market.

As indicated in our brand statement, Personal Best will go beyond the traditional jewelry notion and bring you products to be appreciated, used and collected. In our January catalog this year, some products with great functionality are featured and here I want to talk about three monogram-related items: flashy monogram jump drive, Monogram Keychains and Monogram Luggage Tags.

Flashy Monogram Jump Drive
This classic design gives you the beauty of a piece of jewelry while being a functional data storage piece.

Whether you call it a “Flash Drive”, “Jump Drive”, “USB Drive” or “Geek Stick”, this item offers a stunning monogram design on the front with small inset rhinestone and a flashy back domino design with another inset rhinestone. The 2 GB USB drive swivels in and out of the casing for easy use and comes with a silver ball chain necklace and convenient key ring attachment with lobster claw clasp.

Our display unit comes with header card and is a great counter piece to showcase the entire jump drive program. Display has flat black metal finish and KD design! Free with the purchase of the entire program! Standard display has 22 arms. Plenty of room for your best selling letters & additional inventory.

Monogram Keychain
The black finish in this classic embossed medallion is made from enameled epoxy and the metal is zinc with a brushed silver finish. Combined with subtle soft faux leather and a braided neck this is a unique but elegant design.

Personal Best/ Monogram Luggage Tag
Each of these elegant pieces comes in a poly bag with printed header designed to fit our display unit perfectly. The black finish in this classic embossed medallion is made from enameled epoxy and the metal is zinc with a brushed silver finish. The soft subtle leather pocket comes complete with a removable address card. The adjustable strap makes it easy to attach to any handle.

Sold as a set of 2 matching tags, each with embroidered monogram on quilted microfiber and clear window for identification.

Terry Rhyne
Product Line Manager, Cape Craftsmen