Sculpted Artistic Blend Flags

February 24, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Evergreen prides itself in offering our customers outstanding variety: variety of products, styles and designs. Our Flags are no exception. Evergreen has the widest assortment of decorative flags that will fit any season, holiday, occasion, event or lifestyle. We are “The Greeting Card of your home”.

One of our newest Flag products is the Sculpted Artistic Blend Flags, a unique one that combines the artistry of our Silk Reflections flags with the craftsmanship of our sculpted appliqué flags.  This marriage creates a flag that you will be proud to greet your guests with.  To appreciate the new sculpted artistic blend and what sets it apart from our competitor flag products, you must first understand its creation process.
The sculpted artistic blend is an extension of our sublimated artistic blend flags which are our top selling Silk Reflections flags that we add appliqué and stitching to enhance the designs. The design process begins a year in advance by focusing on past trends and sales analysis to see what is in demand and up-and-coming in both the fashion and home décor industry. After all, our SAB flags are a fashionable item. From there, direction is given to our talented in-house designers to come up with a variety of concepts spanning many categories based on inspiration, theme, category, trend and sales history. The concepts are then reviewed, approved and samples made in our factories in China where we have several full-time seamstresses who hand-stitch these samples for all our appliqué flags, a trade not found much in this age of technology and mass production.

The samples then come back to our Richmond, VA location for review and accuracy, making sure the design accurately represents the concept in color and design. Once approved and the artwork licensed, the design goes into production.  All of this can take anywhere from eight weeks to a few months depending on how accurate the samples are.

In production the dye is applied to paper. Once done, the paper is applied to both sides for a clear and clean mirrored image reproduction, the superior quality of which we pride ourselves in.

Joey Noble
B2B E-commerce Specialist