Who's your flag's Mary?

March 02, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Let me first tell you the story about Mary.

Mary, approximately 55 years of age, has a college degree, two children, and many daily responsibilities.  When she was finishing up her degree, computers were just entering her college campus. Mary found herself having to do her term papers, projects, tests and resume on a computer.  If she was not computer literate enough, she would not be able to excel (no pun intended). Now Mary has a successful career, a blackberry, a facebook and gmail account, and sends text messages at a somewhat remarkable speed.  She is not afraid to sit down at her computer the day after Thanksgiving and make her Christmas purchases online (having them pre-wrapped and drop shipped right to her door).  After all, she is a busy woman. Raising a family and contributing to the financial needs of her family is top on her list of priorities. 

So what can you take away from this story about Mary?  My answer is: The importance of Internet Sales and Marketing going into the future!

Now let’s talk about Flags and Mary. 

Mary has a mother-in-law named Joan. Joan and Mary had known each other for years. As a matter of fact, the first flag and flag pole Mary has ever received was a gift from Joan at her wedding shower. Joan frequented her favorite local gift shop and garden center on a regular basis and every time she was there, she always looked to see what new flags were in for the next season. Joan was born at the end of the War and was a true Baby Boomer. She took extreme pride in her home and yard since she might not have grown up owning one and she and her family sacrificed a lot to have the home she always dreamed of.  And on every Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Baby or Shower, Joan loves to give flags as a gift to all her friends, family and neighbors. 

Mary’s passion for flags came right from her gifts from Joan. Joan is in no longer here, but Mary still loves her flags and makes sure that each season she puts a new flag on Joan’s Grave. Mary’s daughter is now heading off to College, partially supported by Mary’s income, and Mary flies her Collegiate flag proudly on her home. After all, that’s where a great deal of her money is going at this time! Mary also bought a collegiate flag with a Dowely Pole to hang in her daughter’s dorm room. She is waiting for the day when she can put out a wedding flag or, who knows, even a grandma flag. She can’t wait to see that new baby flag flying on her mailbox…NOT YET!....... but soon, all too soon.  

Decorative flags are not a trend, which goes in and out. Flags are a staple, basic, consumable product. So make it easy for her, blog, Twitter or Facebook her when the new shipment arrives with the next season’s new arrival. Servicing Mary and creating new Marys will be the only way for independent retail survival.

By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, I am married to a Mary named Ina and Joan is my Mother, who passed away Sept. 15 last year. I would like to dedicate this blog to her and proudly fly a garden flag on her grave. She did love them dearly. I stood there at her grave this weekend looking out at many other gravesites, with many other garden flags and wondered. Look at all those Joans who have created new Marys that will one day create more and more opportunities for Flag.

Not a trend…
Not a fad…
Not here today and gone tomorrow…..
NOW an everyday part of Life………Evergreen Flags
Please post what your customers are doing to service Mary and to create new Marys!!!!

Tim Lamm
Product Line Manager, Evergreen flag and collegiate