A Behind-the-Scenes Visit to China

May 17, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Things have been busy lately at Evergreen, with many of our staff working hard to develop and prepare some exciting new product in the areas of Flag and Garden. We will release 2 new full-size catalogs later this month, so stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts.

In April, our Vice President of Sales, John Toler, traveled to our overseas headquarters in Ningbo, China with our President and some of our Product Managers. There he got to witness first-hand many impressive aspects of our facilities there. Our office in China is more like a campus, with several large, multi-story buildings and beautiful, green landscaping. The interiors of both offices and factories are very clean and professional. This creates a more positive working environment for all the workers involved.

While there, John was able to tour some manufacturing plants and get an advance look at some new product at various stages along the process of being made…

Based on the concept art created in our Richmond, VA office, sculptors will apply their talents to craft molds for our new resin garden products, and then artists will painstakingly paint samples to represent the final product.

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Rows of computer-controlled sewing machines stay busy stitching the embroidery on our popular applique flags. Evergreen has recently invested heavily in computer controlled sewing machines to produce applique flags quicker and at a lower price. Even with laser fabric cutting, this is still a very hands-on, labor-intensive process, which has left few companies to compete with us on applique flags.

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This earth-friendly servingware actually starts out as a powdered material that contains the bamboo fiber. This is laid into a machine and combined with the printed artwork. Within a few minutes it comes out as the finished product.

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According to John, it’s evident that there is an overwhelming spirit of teamwork present among the workers at our facilities in China—both with each other and with our staff here in Richmond, VA. Evergreen is proud to be both a global company and a family company—one that works with harmony and efficiency to bring more exciting and enriching products to market.