Top Tips and Fresh Ideas on Merchandising Bird Baths

June 07, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Our 18” Glass Bird Baths are one of the hottest things in our Evergreen Garden catalog these days. Their embossed and sculpted look combine with colorful, transparent, handpainted colors to give dimension and depth these popular items.

As beautiful as they are, they are also equally versatile in both placement and purpose. Consider these 4 ways that you can display and use glass bird baths:

1. On a floor stand
We offer 3 styles of taller stands that will let you place a bird bath on any flat surface—indoor floor, outdoor patio, lawn, mulch bed, you name it—creating a traditional pedestal effect. The ends of the stands are tipped with rubber, allowing the bird bath to sit stable for any feathered friend to enjoy.

2. On a tabletop stand
We also provide 2 styles of shorter stands that will allow you to set a bird bath on any raised surface, such as rocks or tables. While useful outdoors, this option allows a bird bath to be used a display piece indoors as a centerpiece or room accent. (More on this in a bit.)

3. On a tabletop easel
We now have a new easel display that fits our glass bird baths in an upright position. This convenient stand turns a functional accessory and turns it into an eye-catching display of art, allowing all to fully enjoy the colors and patterns, whether indoors or out.

4. On a tabletop with floating objects
You can also place our bird baths directly on any surface, such as an indoor dining table or an outdoor picnic table, fill it with water, and use it as a bowl for  floating candles, providing an attractive accent lighting solution that also works both inside and out. You may also want to fill it with flowers—either fresh or dried—to create a lovely centerpiece. The nature of these bird baths allows their designs to be most appreciated when placed on a lighter-colored surface that provides an opportunity for the delightful designs to show through.

Glass bird baths are a perennial favorite and one our best-selling categories. Browse our complete selection, with many new additions coming soon for the new year. Experiment with some of the suggestions above or use them to develop some of your own unique merchandising ideas!