3 Ways to Make Selling a SNAP

July 12, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

One of the challenges for any business is growth. At Evergreen, we are continually looking for ways to help our retailers grow through increased sales. But just as we’ve all been told to “work smarter, not harder,” we know you can all benefit from avenues to greater sales that don’t take a whole lot more effort.

Enter Snap Retail. Born out of the OneCoast sales organization, this relatively new company is focused on making retail… well, a “snap.” In fact, they’ll tell you that it’s as easy as S-N-A-P:

S = Sell Through
N = New Marketing Tools
A = Available 24/7
P = Promote with Ease

Evergreen has recently partnered with Snap Retail in order to make their strong online selling tools available to any of our retailers. It’s our hope that you’ll be able to boost your current marketing efforts through one or more of the following three opportunities:

1) Traffic Builder
This innovative marketing system will help you increase traffic in your stores by targeting and reaching more consumers through electronic methods such as e-mail and social media.

2) Marketplace
In this virtual showroom, retailers can browse thousands of products in catalogs from numerous vendors, in addition to Evergreen, and place orders online 24/7. Consider this a supplement to the Evergreen online resource center which already provides you the same convenience, as well as bill pay, order tracking, and customer service support.

3) Snap-in-a-Box
Coming in early August 2010, this new system will make it easier than ever for retailers to get product images and data from vendors on items they have purchased.

All 3 of these tools can serve as additional access points for retailers to reach more customers and grow their business in the process. We invite you to learn more about Snap Retail and how you can take advantage of this partnership. Just visit their web site today at http://www.snapretail.com where you can sign up and get started.