See What’s Springing Up in Our Garden for 2011

July 26, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

If we had to identify a theme that describes our newest Spring-Summer garden product, it would be “decorative and functional.” The combination of beauty and usefulness allows anyone to enjoy the Evergreen Garden line for its aesthetic attractiveness and practical purpose.

Maybe you weren't able to make it Dallas or Atlanta. Either way, with the recent release of our Spring-Summer 2011 catalog, we wanted to call your attention to some key highlights.

Embossed Glass
If there’s one group you don’t want to miss this year, it’s our widely expanded new embossed glass. Most of these items are available in bird-related product categories such as bird baths and bird feeders. You’ll see several new designs in our popular and versatile 18” glass bird baths. As mentioned in a previous article, there are tons of ways you can display these. 

We’ve also taken the glass bird bath concept and created smaller stake-based versions, complete with a 3-prong stake bases for stability. See all 15 new designs in this brand new stake glass birdbath category on our web site, along with a unique display base accessory.

We’ve gone several steps further in bird-related product, and now offer many patterns of hanging glass baths, hanging glass feeders in several different designs, and stake glass feeders. Hang these from a tree limb or place in a mulch bed, and let them attract all kinds of friendly feathered friends, while the owner enjoys the bright colors and multi-dimensional patterns of the hand-painted embossed glass.

For bird lovers, we’ve got over 60 pages of product to choose from, including new glass hummingbird feeders, and new bird houses that are—you guessed it—both decorative and functional. We've gone a step further with our newest birdhouses (as shown at right) which display fun, multi-color patterns applied with outdoor-grade paint onto solid wood with a protective coating.

Solar Stakes
Garden stakes have long been a staple of our Evergreen Garden product line, and this year, we’re offering a brand new approach using solar technology. Our new Solar Stakes include a solar panel that absorbs the sun’s energy during the day and stores it in a rechargeable battery. Then at night, the translucent, multi-crystalline top will put on a show of bright, changing colors for up to 8 hours (in most cases). The stakes also include a handy on/off switch and ship in a color box for easy gift-giving. 

Whether insects, birds, flowers, or mushrooms, we’ve got designs to please anyone—even a solar bottle tree!

We’re excited about this new category, partly because of the novelty and interest it will create for retailers and homeowners alike, but also because it offers an eco-friendly way to provide accent lighting to any home or garden. We encourage our customers to seek out “earth-aware” solutions that use and promote renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Monogram Stones
Monograms have been a solid trend for years now, and we are excited to offer some great options in outdoor garden décor. Make sure you see our new Monogram Garden Stones, which include 2 different 12” garden stone bases (either round or square) embellished with fleur-de-lis, and a full complement of letters, all sold separately. Our decorated 5” circular monogram stones drop into the ornate garden stone frames, and include small magnets to keep the inserts in place.

You’ll find the most advantage in our new monogram stones by ordering the complete and convenient program. This includes a full assortment of product, plus some free inserts and free hanging pegs to merchandise everything on our garden stone display. Check with your Territory Manager for full details.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, we also offer a pre-packaged program of monogram wall hooks. Ornately cast in iron and painted for a rustic look, they feature 2 built-in hooks, and ship together in a single display box.
Finally, take note of our alphabet tiding stones, which express positive and encouraging sentiments through decorative lettering with a monogram look. They’re made of resin and painted with a natural finish and golden accents. Like all of our tiding stones, these also serve as handy key hiders.

Once again, decorative and functional is the name of the game.