Bring Upscale, Feel-Good Function to Your Garden for 2011

September 24, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Following the release of our latest Spring-Summer 2011 New Creative garden catalog, we wanted to take a few minutes to share some highlights from this new product release. With New Creative Enterprises (NCE) we take a designer-inspired, collection-based approach to garden décor, with a look that is a bit more decorative and upscale than our Evergreen Garden line. We hope you’ll notice this touch in the sculpting and painting that goes into each of these wonderful pieces.

With that, here are our top 3 collections from last month’s release:

1. Gnome Sweet Gnome

Inspired by all of the forest dwellers that come to life when we are not looking, these gnomes live their lives in a world of wonderment. They are friends of the forest who work hard by day and relax in their village accompanied by all their nature friends. Playful and mischievous, but they will protect your garden with neighborly loyalty. Designed by Jeff Mora, this collection applies visual cues such as mushrooms, birds, and other signs of storybook forest life to items such as chimes, feeders, birdhouses, planters and more.

2. Forest Fairy
This group of wistful and reflective (yet refined) fairy statuaries will find a home in the hearts and gardens of any who allow themselves to be captivated by their peaceful expressions. Adorned with botanical elements of nature, these delicate and delightful creatures demonstrate their love for and unity with the outdoor environment around them. Both the smaller fairies with a white bisque look and the larger, earth-toned fairies have been a hit. As shown at left, many are sculpted to sit on walls or steps as they ponder the nature around them.

3. Nature’s Slumber

Designed by Layhou Lam, and drawing from the simplicity and solitude of the life of St. Francis, patron saint of animals, Nature's Slumber is a peaceful collection of furry friends caught in the innocence of sleep. St. Francis wanders past, captured in various poses through statuary, plaques, and other timeless decor. A natural aged terra cotta finish lends a classic appeal to the entire group, including feeders, statuaries, and more.

Another group that has performed well lately include our new Pond Symphony collection, designed by Mark Haas. Inspired by garden ponds and imagining the whimsical secret life of playful creatures, this collection evokes the idea of a host of friends playing music in one grand symphony put on each night by Mother Nature. Each is carved in rich detail and look great in the garden or gracing a child's bedroom. A garden bell accents each beautiful sculpture. We see this as a great collectible group, where people will want to own several pieces to create their own backyard musical event.

While a large part of NCE has traditionally focused more on design than function, we are seeing a shifting trend in garden buyers, for both retailers and consumers alike, towards more practical garden décor. No doubt the tougher economy of the last couple of years has had a effect, and while people love and appreciate beautification, looks alone are not enough. People now are looking for products with more function to help them justify their purchases. They also have a greater appreciation for product with inspirational phrases and other positive messages. “We all want to feel better,” says product manager Tere Eggleston. We hope that you’ll take advantage of the positive and practical items in the newest NCE catalog, while also enjoying the beauty and color that they bring to any outdoor garden setting.

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