Evergreen Enterprises to Launch NFL Licensed Products

May 10, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

On May 15, 2011, Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. will launch new products under a license with the National Football League (NFL), a brand with global appeal and considered the most widely recognized among American sports.

Evergreen has been extremely successful with collegiate sports licensing partners ever since the company entered the sports product category. "We continually monitor and evaluate our growth, and sports licensing has shown particular promise,” said John Toler, Evergreen’s Chief Operating Officer. “Evergreen is excited to partner with the NFL to offer exciting new products and to expand our presence in the home and garden industry."

During 2011, Evergreen plans to introduce in excess of 200 new NFL licensed products, covering all 32 team franchises. The product portfolio will be comprised of offerings for both inside and outside the home.  For a full preview of upcoming products, retailers are encouraged to contact their local Evergreen sales manager or to visit one of the company’s showrooms.

“Customers have come to expect creative and innovative product choices from Evergreen, and the addition of NFL products to the company’s existing sports licensing program will further that reality,” continued Toler.

The NFL licensing agreement takes effect at the start of the company’s eighteenth year. Products will be sold to retail establishments worldwide.

For additional information contact John Toler at 800-774-3837 or jtoler@gmail.com



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