Expanding Markets: Evergreen Enterprises Begins Sales Operations in Canada

July 14, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 2 Comments

We’re excited to share that on July 5, 2011, we launched a new subsidiary, Evergreen Enterprises Canada, to provide sales support for independent retailers throughout Canada. Since partnering with a Canadian distributor in 2008, we’ve decided to make a transition to our own direct sales force in order to provide the marketplace with the best of what our U.S. operations has to offer. John Toler, COO of Evergreen Enterprises, says, “In order to maximize the opportunity in Canada, we need to employ a direct sales force who can best service the needs of the independent retailer. The latest in-depth product training and the best technology in the marketplace will be at their disposal so retailers can make the best decision.”

Unique Opportunities
Partnering with former senior sales management of Amram's Distributing, we were able to establish a new direct sales force in Canada of 18 dedicated representatives with a combined experience of over 225 years in the wholesale gift industry. And with over 34 million people in Canada—most of which live within 100 miles of the U.S. border—we have effectively expanded our nearby retailer and consumer base by a wide margin, yet without any great strain of distance. Now a member of the Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA), Evergreen will soon participate in trade shows in Montreal, Alberta, and Toronto. In the bigger picture, we see this development as a strong first step towards future international growth.

Unique Challenges
Moving into a new country also requires us to rethink all aspects of the way we do business. Each department—product development, information technology, customer service, accounting, shipping—has to adapt to new laws and a new language. We’ve hired several new bilingual staff to assist our French-speaking northern neighbors, and we’ll begin to introduce bilingual support into our product packaging, operational documents, and web site. Our soon-to-be-launched new web site has options for text in French or English as well as conversion between Canadian and American dollars. We’ve also begun a new partnership with UPS to ensure smooth and timely shipping in order to remain competitive in delivery of our wide range of products.

We’re eager to embrace all the opportunities and challenges that this expansion brings. Now at 18 years old, Evergreen Enterprises continues to grow and look forward to the future!

For additional information contact John Toler at 800-774-3837 or jtoler@gmail.com



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  2. Congratulations! I heard your booth at the Cgta was jammed with customers. Keep Selling!