Get the Look: 5 Simple Steps
to a Complete Room Statement

November 22, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 2 Comments

Our newest 2012 Cape Craftsmen catalog is filled with beautiful and useful home decor accessories. In fact, we have a home decor solution for nearly any style or setting.

That said, we recognize that not everyone can immediately envision a combination of home furnishings such as furniture, wall decor, and other accessories that will blend together nicely to create a cohesive, harmonious focal point in a room. So here are 5 simple steps to help you "Get the Look."

1. Accent Furniture
For a rustic equine/country look, combine
our Metal and Wood Hall Table, our
Wooden Wall Mirror, our Metal Horse
Table Decor, our Aqua and Brown Glass
Vases, and our Set of 3 Nested Oval
Handled Handwoven Baskets.
One of Cape’s mainstays over the years has been accent furniture such as hall tables and cabinets. We offer them in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. Start with a statement piece of accent furniture to anchor your vignette. It will set the tone and act as a home base for staging additional items.

2. Wall Decor
The wall space over a table or cabinet is perfect opportunity to display a great-looking piece of wall decor. Cape Craftsmen offer a huge selection of wall decor, ranging from mirrors to canvas art to clocks to metal sculptures. Select a coordinating piece of art for visual statement or a matching mirror for additional function. Either way, you'll be adding an eye-level focal point on the wall over the furniture.

3. Tabletop Accessory

For an breezy coastal look, combine our
Teal Wooden 6-Drawer Cabinet with
Shells, our Beach Canvas Wall Art painted
by Cooper Reed, our Set of 3 Frosted
Globe Shell Lanterns, and our Blue
Bubble Glass Vase.
Moving on to smaller accents, next choose a suitable tabletop accessory to sit on top of the furniture piece. These may include glass vases, wood sculptures, and more. Go for visual appeal and interest here, and don't worry too much about the function. Vases can even work well on display without any kind of botanicals.

4. Lighting Element
Every room can always use a little extra light for the evening hours, and the nothing beats the natural, warm glow of candle light. So next top off your combination with a unique lantern or candle holder to add a functional lighting element. Cape Craftsmen has been selling both lanterns and candleholders for years now, and we've got just the thing for any decor.

5. Floor Storage
Finally, don't forget the floor! Add extra storage or function with baskets or larger accent pieces like trunks or urns, either on a lower shelf or on the floor near the furniture. This gives you a great place to hold things like books, magazines, throws, or just some decorative trinkets. Sometimes the goal of additional storage can be accomplished through the furniture piece, by using a cabinet with doors or drawers.

As examples of the above 5 steps on how to set up an indoor room statement, take a look at the photos we’ve shown here. You don't necessarily have to complete all 5 exactly as we've described, but these should give you a good guideline on how to approach a home decor challenge. For our retail readers, these can also work as great in-store display solutions. Don't forget about the wall surface itself, as the right texture or paint color can make all the difference!

If you’re a retailer and want further examples and ideas, we encourage you to talk with your Territory Manager about how the right combination of Cape Craftsmen products can provide just look you’re searching for.

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