Summer 2011 Best Sellers, Part 3:
Evergreen Flag

September 02, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Evergreen is first and foremost a flag company, and we are proud to be the largest flag manufacturer in the industry, both in terms of quality of product and quantity of design selection. The interest in decorative flags and banners for the home continues to spread, especially as buyers get ready for the coming fall-winter season. Here are the top sellers from the recent summer trade shows.

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Silk Reflections Garden Flag, Christmas on The Shore


Applique Garden Flag, American

Fiber Optic Garden Flag, Christmas Tree


Fiber Optic Garden Flag, Candy Cane Christmas


Silk Reflections Garden Flag, Santa's List


Fiber Optic Garden Flag, Snowflake Flurries

Fiber Optic Garden Flag, Santa Stop Here


Silk Reflections Regular Flag, Santa's List

Silk Reflections Doormat, A Saturday Matinee

Silk Reflections Doormat, Seaside Retreat

  • Our new fiber optic flags, with their innovative, battery-operated, light-up effect, have captured the eyes of many buyers. Let them light the way to greater sales for you store as well!
  • When it comes to Christmas flags, you can’t go wrong with Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Make sure you stock plenty of these iconic symbols of the holidays.
  • While not included on the list above, our full selection of flag hardware deserves a recommendation for its popularity, due to its ability to generate strong sales. Whether flag poles, brackets or garden stands, make sure you’ve got the pieces to support your flag business.
  • Finally, remember that we offer both regular house size and convenient garden size in nearly every flag we sell!