Team Sports America 2012, Part 1:
Top 10 Returning Players

April 05, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

If you haven't yet seen the latest catalog from our Team Sports America brand, it's a monster! With nearly 5,000 licensed sports items under one umbrella, this powerhouse of product is sure to have something for everyone. To start, Evergreen has worked hard to secure all the major licenses, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and Collegiate, which enables us to cover all regions of the country. We also carry a wide diversity of product types to covers all demographics—whether young or old, men or women—and all different seasons of the year.

With all that it contains, here is a countdown of our top 10 proven product categories going into the 2012 season. We're confident that they'll be top players on your roster!

As usual, you can click on the photos below to view them larger. Click the links to shop on our site. Click on a league logo to shop that specific product in that particular league.

10. Applique House Flags
Evergreen's sports business started years ago with collegiate flags, and our applique house flags remain one of our top-selling items. All our sports applique flags are made with soft nylon fabric with tight machine stitching, and are double-sided so they read correctly on both sides.

9. Clink 'N Drink
Our magnetic "clink ’n drink" is the perfect complement to any gameday or tailgating party! Rubber-coated magnets allow the opener to catch bottle caps and attach to any metal surface including tailgates, refrigerators, and more. You have to see to believe, as this YouTube video demonstrates.

8. Sculpted House Flags
Ever since their kickoff 2 years ago, these "sculpted" flag designs have really scored big with our retailers!  With stripes and logo down one side and team lettering down the other, these offer an extra level of visual interest. Plus, they're fun to display as they exude that extra dose of team spirit!

7. Garden Applique Flags
If you love our flags but need a smaller size, our applique garden flags make the perfect outdoor accent! Made with the same durable nylon fabric with tightly-stitched embroidery, they're also double-sided just like our larger house flags.

6. Graphic Print Coir Mat
Our coir welcome mats decorate doorways while displaying dedication to a favorite team to all who visit. They're made of natural coir fibers and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Logo is screened printed for bold, long-lasting color.

5. Scoreboard Wall Clock
Measuring 19" x 14", these pieces create a bold statement of team loyalty in any office or game room. Each of our scoreboard wall clocks includes a standard electrical plug and displays the time, date and temperature in a diital display  surrounded by team graphics. Watch our product video!

4. Geo Spinner
Partly named for the way their layered design resembles a geode stone, our 10" metal geo wind spinners slowly turn with the slightest breeze. The outer edges surrounding the center logo section can be bent open as desired to create depth and dimension. Watch our product video!

3. Garden Gnome
Gnome fever is everywhere, as these little guys keep popping up around homes and gardens all around. Made of polystone and painted in accurate school colors with sculpted team logo, each of our garden gnomes measures 11" high. Many are also available in companion cheerleader gnome versions.

2. Scoreboard Alarm Clock
Every sports fan needs to be on time for the game! Our scoreboard alarm clock displays the time, date and temperature and features 3 alarm tones. It looks great on any desk or table, with sharp team graphics surrounding the digital display.
Watch our product video!

1. Forest Face
One of the most unique items in our sports catalog, the forest face is sure to be a hit with the fans. Made of weather-resistant, painted polystone, these forest faces wear the team's cap with official team logo. Each piece comes with a durable hook to make hanging easy, and can be arranged as desired.


Remember that due to stringent licensing requirements (especially with the pro leagues) you likely won't find many of these items through another vendor. We're excited that we've been granted permission to offer such a wide range of sports product to meet the needs of as many retailers as possible.

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