From Supporting Role to Star of the Show:
4 New Cast Members
in Flag Hardware for 2013

May 25, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

When people shop for flags, they often don’t give much thought to the hardware on which the flags will be hung. Many buy a pole for their flag like they buy tires for their car—simply because they have to, not because there’s anything intrinsically special or exciting about it. In recent years, Evergreen has ventured into flag hardware that can be admired and enjoyed through decorative finials and other accents. With the latest Spring-Summer 2013 Evergreen Flag catalog release, we’re thrilled to be able to take our flag hardware to a new level of excitement and interest.

Several notable new pieces of flag hardware in our latest catalog really command attention. They’re also great for creating a strong visual statement when combined with coordinating flag designs. Here are our 4 favorites, all for use with our popular and convenient garden-sized flags.

Fluttering Floral Garden Flag Stands
What do you get when you combine a standard garden flag stand, one of our small glass birdbaths, a decorative garden friend, and the power of solar energy? Our newest solar-powered Fluttering Floral garden stand spinners!

A small embossed and painted glass bowl with floral design tops the metal 3-piece garden flag stand, providing unique opportunity to harmonize with a coordinating garden flag. On top of that—literally—is a colored plastic garden animal friend, attached by a wire to the stand. The animal dances in a circle around the glass bowl, powered by a solar panel mounted mid-way up the flag stand. The butterfly, ladybug, fish, frog, dragonfly, or hummingbird actually flutter or skip around the flower atop the garden flag stand, bringing colorful visual interest to any yard or garden. The stands are easy to assemble, and their disassembly allows for easy storage and shipping.

Frizzle Frazzle Garden
Flag Stands

Evergreen has been offering garden flag stands with finial toppers for some time now. This year, for those who love the beaded look, we’re introducing Frizzle Frazzle stands for an extra dose of fun! They combine glass beads, wire, and painted polystone to create a truly unique garden flag stand that will complement and even enhance the look of the flag.

Colored Garden
Flag Stands

Our top-selling 1-piece metal garden flag stand is now available in bold, bright colors! In addition to black or white, our most popular piece of flag hardware will now be offered in two separate assortments of either patriotic colors (red and blue) or fun brights (lime, pink, teal). They’re the perfect way to add an extra accent of coordinating color to a flag and “wow” the neighbors. If you’re a retailer, consider that customers may want to purchase multiple colors to match the various flags that they own.

Decorative Garden
Flag Arbors

Our “arbor” stands are one of the best ways to showcase flags. Like most of our flag hardware, they’re made of quality wrought iron with welded joints and baked-on powder-coated finishes for great outdoor durability. By incorporating wire, painted metal, and colored glass into fun and fanciful statements at the top of arbor, some of our latest designs go one step further, almost stealing the show on their own! Three unique designs, including pineapple, coastal curls, and zebra with polka dots, will allow various combinations with popular garden patterns. We like to think of flags as “The Greeting Card of Your Home™,” and these new arbors help create an even more personalized statement.

Some of our newest garden flag stands have been designed with painted metal accents such as flowers, ladybugs, and frogs for extra fun. Don’t miss them as you shop for future flag hardware—hopefully with more enthusiasm than buying your next set of car tires.

With all the new designs above along with our tried-and-true standard options, customers can now enjoy both “mild” and “wild” flavors of flag hardware. Shop it all today using our Online Resource Center at