Spring Style Report: Cape Craftsmen & Home Decor Trends

June 24, 2013 Evergreen Enterprises 5 Comments

Our Cape Craftsmen brand is perhaps the most trend-wise of all our product lines. Featuring all kinds of indoor (and some outdoor) home decor accents from wall decor to tabletop to furniture to lighting, Cape Craftsmen keeps style at the top of the priority list! Here's a quick look at 3 major design trends that you'll see reflected in our products.

What was old is now new again! Vintage design brings an element of timeless class. People love to bring back the looks from times that they fondly remember or wish they had lived in. From aged metal storage pieces to artistic canvas recollections of the past, the vintage look is here to stay.

Reclaimed wood provides character to a product, transforming it into a piece of historical art. It's weathered the storms of time and lived to tell the tale with an inherent coastal flair. From mirrors to tabletop, the eco-friendly and all-natural material helps to create a comfortable cottage feel.

Bohemian Style
Mixing and layering vintage and modern patterns is the epitome of Bohemian style. The word “bohemian” usually describes something unconventional or artistic. One of the most colorful trends that keeps coming to the forefront in home décor, this look is a combination of old and new. Mixing modern accents with vintage accessories and furniture helps to achieve this eclectic look.

Take time to browse through our wide selection of on-trend Cape Craftsmen products and see which ones strike your fancy!

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