Warm Weather Accents: 2015 Garden Trends

June 25, 2014 Alexandra Gore 0 Comments

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, people start to look for unique new outdoor accents. To help prepare you for the coming year, we have introduced a wide assortment of fresh, new and functional decorative pieces and trends for you to incorporate into your garden. Here at Evergreen Garden, we’re setting the stage for what’s sure to be more to come in the area of outdoor living and here are some highlights from the season that you don't want to miss.

We’ve worked hard to capture the strongest upcoming visual trends for 2015. Vibrant yet calming tones of blues and greens are sustaining their popularity, and you’ll see them incorporated in our hand-blown garden stakes and our glass birdbaths. Our beautiful glass pieces add a little color and whimsy to any garden or backyard.

Another trend that is gaining popularity is Metallics. We offer this look across categories like Kinetics, as well as topiaries, garden stakes and firepots. Playfully bright colors and patterns have become an Evergreen staple, and we bring this palette to life with our solar color-changing lanterns and stakes.

In previous seasons, we’ve shown how you can bring the outdoors in. The growing popularity of outdoor living spaces is recently driving an interest in taking interior comforts outside. We provide you with opportunities to capitalize on this lifestyle trend with products like our ceramic stools and indoor/outdoor pillows. You can pair these with our traditional and functional garden pieces like bird feeders and birdhouses.

Summer is the perfect time to update your home and garden. Whatever your style, Evergreen Garden has something for everyone! To shop our products, please visit us at myevergreen.com.