See Where the "Sili" Adventure Can Take You!

February 17, 2016 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Unbreakable and unmeltable, Silipint tumblers are as rugged as you want to be and just as eager for an adventure. Silipint cups are the world's first 100% food-grade silicone drinkware. We're proud to distribute this innovative and patented product, along with Siliwine and Silishot varieties.

Silicone has taken the cookware market by storm. Its resistance to extreme temperature makes it a great insulator. That's why you see so many cookware items like muffin tins, spatulas and cookie trays made out of silicone.  Its organic properties help prevent bacterial growth. It's also a non-toxic, safer alternative to plastic.

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When we first discovered Silipint, we thought it was just another cup. We quickly learned just how “life proof” these cups are. They won’t chip, scratch, break, or melt! Throw them in your camping pack, cram them in with your tackle or boating gear, or squeeze them into your pool bag. You won’t find a more perfect cup for the adventure ahead.

Have you ever been to a tailgate or pool party and been told, "No glassware"? Plastic cups can quickly change the flavor and the temperature of your beverage, and not all drinks are sold in aluminum cans. Silipint to the rescue!

Grilling out and realize that melted butter would be the perfect touch? No problem. Silicone can withstand heat up to 500º F, so set your Silipint directly on the grill, in the oven, or use it to grip a hot dish.

Silipint also loves freezers! Unlike plastic or glass, these cups won’t crack when frozen. This makes them the perfect vessel for a frosty drink, snow cones, smoothies, or even your favorite scoop of ice cream.

When you're backpacking, grilling, or camping, Silipint is the ultimate tool. Not only can you cook directly in it, you can then eat from it as well. It's the perfect versatile item to take on your next trip. Plus, Silipint is lightweight and easy to squeeze into any small area for transport.

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