Salut! A Cheers to Craft Beers

April 07, 2016 Alexandra Gore 0 Comments

The craft beer movement has grown dramatically in the United States over the past few years. Craft breweries are ones that are “small, independent and traditional.” They are traditionally not mass-marketed and use more traditional ingredients like malt barley.

Beer drinkers have really expanded their tastes and more beer lovers are turning to more full-flavored beers like IPA’s, Pale Ales, and seasonal beers.  IPA’s and Pilsners have grown over 40% during the past 3 years as people are starting to really acquire a taste for the strong hops flavor.

As people are experimenting, so are breweries. They are constantly coming up with new beer flavors and new hops to give the customers something different that will keep them coming back for more. Retailers have caught on to the trend and have started carrying more in stores. Retail sales of craft beer reached $19.6 billion, which is 11% of all beer sales

While craft breweries have popped up all over the US, so have tasting rooms, making the experience very social. These onsite tasting rooms are very popular because after people try something and like it, they are more likely to go out and purchase it.

“The rapid growth of craft beer closely aligns to a cultural shift toward discovery that is prevalent in the U.S. and abroad,” said Paul Avery, CEO and President of World of Beer. “Craft beer enjoyment goes beyond drinking great beers; it is also about experiencing the stories, people, and cultures that make them unique."

As people have started to appreciate the different flavors and brewing styles of craft beers, they have seen the impact a styled glass can make on the flavor of the beer. For one of the more popular craft beers, we have created the Artisan Craft Beer Pilsner glass that is tall, slender and tapers out from the bottom. This shape is key to displaying the beer’s clarity while the tapered shape supports the head of the beer, keeping the flavor and aroma profiles in perfect balance, just like brewer intended. 

This style of glass is incredibly popular in both the US and Europe because they enhance your ability to appreciate the true taste of your beer. Although most Pilsners are cut to be slightly smaller then a Pint Glass, ours hold 22 oz. ensuring you can enjoy your entire beer in one glass. With all of the wonderful options of craft brews out there for you to try, we encourage you to purchase a glass that will help enhance the flavors so that you can truly appreciate everything the beer has to offer.

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