Add Extra Sparkle with Stargazing: Infinite Dimensions

January 24, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

At Evergreen, we work to create unique products that we believe will succeed at retail. Each item in the Stargazing collection is truly captivating, with designs that appear to emerge from the piece, for a stunning, three-dimensional effect.

The secret to this amazing 3D visual effect lies in the manufacturing process. Each piece is created through a process of laser etching the patterns or icon shapes across multiple layers of metallic film on the inside of the glass vessel. When turned on, the light shines from within, shining through each of the different layers to create the mesmerizing "Stargazing" effect. On some pieces it even creates a rainbow effect of multiple colors! Since the technique is applied from the inside of the glass, you won't have to worry about the design of the stunning lit effect diminishing over time.

Many feature seasonal icons such as leaves or snowflakes, as well as other favorite on-trend holiday patterns, icons, or phrases. Other designs in our Stargazing collection show off a simple but stunning star-like pattern, similar to our mercury glass, which offers year-round appeal. We’re also offering a variety in the shape of the glass, from wide-appeal spheres, to holiday-specific shapes like the Christmas tree.

Most of our Stargazing pieces are battery-operated, so no matter which design you choose, these pieces will add a festive glow to a tabletop, and can be enjoyed on a porch, deck, or patio as the weather gets warmer. We’ve introduced options of both battery powered items as well as a selection of solar-powered items. Our solar powered items ship with a battery included, and our battery powered items include an on/off switch with a 6-hour timer.

Every item in the Stargazing collection is packaged in a color box for powerful impact. This also makes it easy for retailers to stack out. And as an added statement at retail, each of these items can be plugged in using one of our AC adapters.

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