A Taste of Cape Craftsmen Trend Collections

April 14, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

With our Cape Craftsmen line of furniture, lighting, décor and more, we have everything you need to create a striking high-end look with unique pieces that coordinate in striking and subtle ways. We coordinate items within different thoughtfully curated trend collections that represent a variety of aesthetics.

At Ease Traditional

At Ease Traditional is an extension of the Modern Loft trend. It combines an industrial or urban architectural style with a bit of farmhouse décor to create a comfortable look full of neutral tones that can be just as much "down-home" as "up-town." This collection features multi-functional furniture such as our impressive wooden hutch and serving cart. We also highlight galvanized metal, often paired with natural or distressed wood. For fans of the recycled and repurposed approach, the new word is "rescue." We include items in this collection with irregular and uneven surfaces that have a worn or aged look. You see this in some of our unique wall pieces, like our wood-framed chalk board and our 19-inch metal and wood clock.

Oasis & Glamping

Our Oasis and Glamping collections capture a blend of indoors and outdoors. Oasis is all about creating a natural space in your home and is inspired by an emphasis on health and wellness, while Glamping is the new craze in camping where you dress up your campsite with home decor elements. On the Oasis side of things, we have some great colorful pieces, like our set of 2 metal and wood wall decor and our new flamingo lamp.

When it comes to Glamping, we have several pieces that take their cues from outdoor adventures. Our new corkboard has a fun printed map design, and includes pushpins to let you record your own travels. And our new folding chair can fit with multiple outdoor styles. It has a metal frame, the back and seats are covered in real leather, and the arms are made of teak wood. It’s easy to fold up for storage or to take to your next glamping site!

Waterside Naturals & Coastal Shimmer

This two-part collection goes from a blend of comfort and style, with a mix of whites and neutrals, to a contrasting combination of rainbow metallics and shimmering shells. Our white metal furniture helps anchor (no pun intended!) the Waterside look. Pieces like the nautical bench we combine perfectly with our colorful, 30-by-30-inch Rain Drops outdoor wall canvas. The Waterside collection also includes wood accent pieces that are hand-carved by artisans in India. In Coastal Shimmer, you'll see a lot of gold-toned metallics, like our starfish lamp which is 24 inches high, and our seashell and starfish wall art.

Floral Boho

Our Floral collection, From Boho to Watercolor, is filled with the beauty and drama of rich floral hues. We have a wide selection of new outdoor wall art in this group, from our 30-by-30 inch outdoor-safe canvas art, to our selection of hummingbird metal wall art that all capture the natural beauty and tones of birds and flowers in that flowing watercolor style. We also mixed in some of our fabric-wrapped functional metal wall art to complete the look.

…And we’re barely scratching the surface. There’s so much more to find within our curated trend collections and we would highly recommend browsing our Cape Craftsmen catalog to discover more!

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