Our Tea Shop is Open for Business!

April 05, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

In recent years, tea has become a much more popular beverage of choice in the U.S. Many tea drinkers are turning to loose leaf tea for a richer, more refined tea experience. With the world becoming a more interconnected place, we see how international influences are helping to encourage the continued growth of the tea market, especially loose leaf tea.

In our Cypress Home brand, our Refresh drinkware collection of beverage cups and accessories provides a wide selection of great gifts for tea lovers, like our cast iron tea pots and our rice grain tea sets. In our most recent Refresh catalog, we've introduced a complete new range of artistic (and yet totally functional) products for use with loose leaf tea. Our retailers can use these set a complete tea shop in their stores.

One way we expanded is by taking top-selling existing items and pairing them with new components or accessories, to significantly elevate the function and gift-ability. For example, our glass teapot gift set includes our popular 27-ounce glass teapot along with a glass infuser that has a silicone-rim and glass lid. We combined it with two coordinating 4-ounce double-walled glass tea cups, for the perfect serving set for two. Both the teapot and and cups have beautiful decal artwork that's perfectly suited to the tea-loving look, and they all come in a great gift set package with EPE foam.

Here's a short video that demonstrates how this set works:

Another great gift set option for tea lovers is our bone china cup and canister set. Available in multiple patterns, it includes a 9-ounce cup with a metal infuser and bone china lid, along with a coordinating bone china canister. The cup lid has been perfectly formed to not only function as a lid, but as a drip tray for your infuser after your loose leaf tea has finished steeping. As a special touch—and a nod to Asian influences—the canister lid has a a fabric covering underneath.

Here's another short video that shows how to use this set:

In tea cups, we have a new double-walled ceramic cup (pictured at right) with the same sleek outer shape as our successful Perfect Cup. This new cup holds 12 ounces, and the double walls help insulate your hot beverage, and keeps the outside cool to the touch. It includes a removable stainless steel infuser and ceramic lid, and it comes in a coordinating gift box. The ceramic lid can also double as a drip tray. The handle is a special feature, as it's tricky to manufacture on a double-walled ceramic cup, and none of our competitors can currently offer this. Our new glass cup (pictured at left and in video below) includes a ceramic infuser with artwork on the infuser and the ceramic lid. It holds 12 ounces, and the cup is made of borosilicate glass, so it's strong and durable. Again, the top can double as a drip tray for convenience. You also don't want to miss our precious flower-shaped ceramic teacup and saucer set (pictured at the very top), which includes two 4-ounce cups and saucers in 2 different colors, in gift box packaging.

Alongside our new pieces with patterned artwork, we also have more new solid-colored tea shop accessories. They're not only essentials for a complete tea statement, but their solid color helps them easily coordinate with a range of other items. Our 48-ounce ceramic teapot has a glazed finish in 2 different colors and includes a stainless steel infuser that fits in smartly just underneath the lid. Our set of 3 nested stainless steel canisters are available in 2 different colors, and have silicone-rimmed lids to make them airtight, keeping loose leaf tea fresh. The canisters also have rubberized paint on the outside for an amazing texture that makes them easier to grip.

As one final highlight in our new tea shop, we took our best-selling double-walled glass café cup and added a glass infuser for the perfect tea set for one. The glass infuser has a silicone seal and glass lid, and it essentially gives the cup a triple-wall effect without taking away from the design or functionality. We're also offering the glass infuser (complete with silicone rim and lid) as a separate item so it can be added to your existing cup selection.

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