The 10 Most Popular Items from Team Sports America

October 10, 2017 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Our Team Sports America line consists of a wide range of gift items and décor for sports fans, with fun and functional items that help fans everywhere show off their team pride. Based on feedback from our retailers, we've compiled a list of the top ten sports items that have elicited a huge response from fans and can't seem to stay on store shelves!

10. Mixed Material Lit Wall Décor

Our Lit Mixed Material Wall Décor creates a stunning indoor statement. The die cut metal team logo is mounted on a birch wood planked backing, and the logo is lit from behind to create an amazing effect.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



9. Wagon Ornament

Our super cute Team Gift Wagon Ornament is 3 inches long by an inch and three quarters wide, and it's made of high-quality plastic. These wagons carry sport-specific items and presents–you can't open them, but we promise that there's a bit of extra luck for your team inside!
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



8. Grilling Apron

This one is for the ultimate grillmaster! These multi-functional grilling aprons are made from heavy duty cotton canvas and include 5 pockets for all of your grilling tools and spices, a cord to hold a towel, an insulated pocket to hold your beverage while you grill and a retractable bottle opener. We can’t emphasize enough that this apron really has it all.
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7. Door Décor

Our outdoor-safe felt door décor is a perfect way to greet fellow fans coming over for game-day! Hang these on doors, walls, or really anywhere.
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6. Embossed Mat

Our embossed mats feature a grid of embossed grooves that helps to trap dirt. They work great as an outdoor mat as indoor cushion mats. They include team logos and a colorful decorative border.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



5. LED Ornament Set

Our set of 6 LED team ornaments comes gift boxed and includes two different designs (with 3 of each ornament). They feature a frosty finish and light up to brighten any Christmas tree! Retailers can merchandise these together as a set of six in their open-window gift box or sell them individually.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



4. Glitter Flag

Our team suede flags come in two double-sided printed designs with glitter embellishments that shimmer in the sun. Our team jersey style has one side with home game jersey colors and the other with away colors. We offer our glitter flags in house and garden sizes.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



3. Mascot Ornament

Our Team Mascot Ornament takes its look from our totem-style statuary, with mascots styled in a blocky carved wood look. It's 3.5" inches tall, made of polystone, and painted in team colors, with a decal team logo.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL



2. Applique Flag

Since we started selling them in 1993, the traditional applique flag has staked its claim as the #1 flag style, and it represents the high-quality, durable nylon fabric and tight stitching Evergreen is known for. We offer these in classic team designs in both house and garden sizes.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL 

And our #1 bestselling sports item…

1. Team Garden Statue

Our Team Garden Statues are 16" high and made of painted polystone. They're designed with stacked mascot and player icons in a fun miniature totem-style sculpture. They've been a smash hit with customers. As to why they’re so popular, we have a couple of theories: it could be that they're great ways to show off team pride on your patio, in your home, or at a tailgate... or it just might be that they summon powerful forces to help your team win.
Available in NFL | Collegiate | MLB | NHL

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