New Creative Enterprise (NCE) acquisition

February 16, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

It was not until March, 2009 when Evergreen acquired New Creative that we expanded our garden lines to Evergreen Garden and New Creative.

When we first looked at New Creative, we wanted to preserve who they were since Creative they had many great products as our largest competitor in the flag and garden category then. Some of our customers even prefer the fine detail of New Creative’s hardware. So we made sure to incorporate those elements in our offerings while not overlapping with the Evergreen Garden product line. We tried out a quick catalog immediately after the purchasing New Creative inventory. Quick and efficient.

Gradually, we began to explore where we wanted to take the line. We had several branding meetings to ensure Evergreen and New Creative lines would not overlap; it’s important we justify to our customers why they would buy two garden lines from the same wholesaler. The Evergreen brand is becoming more practical, functional and is offering greater depths of assortment while New Creative brand has become a more collection-driven line.

In our collections, we offer many pieces of the same design. This is a change Evergreen is doing with catalogs, which requires good timing since we have to strategically plan the sourcing and directions to go. Even holiday catalogs, the most successful part of our business, is not as good timing to do garden décor as our customers historically buy for spring. 

Tere Eggleston
Product Line Manager, Garden, Outdoor Living & Resin, Evergreen and NCE