New Creative March Collections

February 16, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

In the seasonal release of New Creative this March, we closed out most regional New Creative inventory, what the market has told us to sell and offering new. Although former New Creative artists had established their own companies, we still have them as “retainers”, which means that we have the right to buy first, the concept and garden things. They know well about our customers and what we need. So we worked successfully on our last everyday catalog.

Blossoms & Breezes is the No. 1 new collection we introduced. In the fall catalog, 4 items are already in the 15 top selling items, even before the new release, which is a very good indicator of the strength of the line.

We also introduced Lori Siebert, who is featured in this catalog and has had a long-term friendship with us. Lori would thank God for the simple moments every day with her friends and family that would make her smile or touch her heart. That’s how the collection’s name was inspired. We also have two nativity collections by Lori with the large three-pieces on the New Creative No.3 selling items. The largest piece is 35 inches tall, with a sweet and spiritual design.

Two new-trend nativities are featured as well, one with a carved wooden look with delicate finishes and another is colorful and reads Christian sayings carved into the feature. While the same product type, they’re extremely different. In addition, we offer an extension of “Seeds of Faith”, all items are children statuaries. We’re introducing the same finish but different characters to capture another customer base who want to put them on their desk, at home or office.

We have two holiday collections. One is garden friends, which are all bird-inspired designs. The other is a holiday collection with Santa Clause images, snowmen, all in a garden setting.

Tere Eggleston
Product Line Manager, Garden, Outdoor Living and Resin, Evergreen and NCE