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February 17, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

Top Reasons Why Evergreen Mailbox Covers are the best in the industry.

If you look closely, there’s no seam on this cover, which gives the total impression of hand-crafted, hand-painted mailbox. It’s also backed with a full-surface magnet. When placed on a mailbox, it creates a smooth, seamless and flawless look of a delicately hand-crafted mailbox. Moreover, Evergreen also provides customized sizes by perforating the edges for a tear off strip for smaller mailboxes. If one side hangs out a little bit, you can fold it a bit and simply tear the strip off to give you the customized fit. Just a simple tear seam, no scissors needed, like with our competitors’ customized fit. As any retailer knows, with products that require consumers’ craftsmanship, even with scissors, there are bound to be problems, confusion, and product returns. So we make it very easy. Just fold it twice and zip it right off for the perfect customized fit.

Many of our competitors would print the copyright information along the top of the mailbox cover. We don’t do that. We discretely place our artist information on the side so as not to detract from the cover or design. It never interferes with the concept or the design of the art. 

Additionally, we have designed our covers to perch around the flag arm as well as around the latch of the mailbox cover. We have also extended the cover so that it meets the rural mailbox standards.

Care, use and application of our products are described on the back of every product packaging. We have coated our products with a weather-resistant seal for better lasting protection and the assurance that it is perfectly okay to use on your mailbox out in the open. If your mailbox is near a tree, you can easily clean it up occasionally with a damp cloth.

Just like our designer seasonal flags, we create different looks and designs for every season for an easy to change mailbox freshener. Truly the seasonal greeting card of your home, we strive to make a collection combining the mailbox cover design with our flags, floor mats, and garden décor. As a collection, they present an inspiring and inviting warmth to your home. On our mailbox covers, we also slightly blur the design so even from at a distance, it gives you the feel of a hand-painted mailbox.

The concept of our magnetic mailbox covers was spurred by the hard-to-keep up look of regular metal mailboxes. The tin would quickly rust and even while it’s still good in good condition, the cold metal look still seems terribly lacking. The other option was a hand-painted mailbox which can be extremely expensive. We created our solution to provide an inexpensive way to give your mailbox a make-over, a fresh look and easily cover up the rust.

With the stylish design, our innovative restructuring of the product for easier use and longer lasting color, we’ve found that this is a quickly growing product line for us.

Tim Lamm
Product Line Manager, Evergreen Flag and Collegiate

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