Retail Tips on Displays

February 17, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

If product is the steak, the display adds the sizzle. Effective displays communicate the feel, image, and value of the product to the consumer. They can also help to maximize square footage efficiency in the retailer’s space.
Here are some tips to help our retailers better utilize displays.
  • Place in store to maximize visual impact.
  • Make sure that there is adequate space given to provide consumers the opportunity to properly shop display.
  • Keep neat and orderly.
  • Keep well-stocked. Nearly empty displays don’t sell merchandise. Psychologically, consumers are reluctant to buy the last piece of anything.
  • Don’t overstuff the display. Make sure that product is easy to see and comprehend.

Tom Steinmetz
Director of Sales

1 comment:

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