Your Summer with Cypress: Freshness in Eternal Classics

March 15, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

As I wrote in the last blog, the new Cypress Summer book is a good combination of top-selling carryovers and new items. Let’s take a look at the products that will be the greatest buys for your summer business.

The “Simple Swimmers” collection was featured in our last September catalog, featuring lovely coastal touches with cooling blues and greens. An exciting new item introduced this time is the insulated acrylic cup with a straw and twist off lid, 4”L x 4”W x 6.25”H. Does this cool product line remind you of a coffee shop mug that could be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors? Other new items include our EcoBamboo 2 section servers, large serving trays, ceramic crocks and sets of 4 glass spreaders. These spreaders are made of a delicate glass handle with the signature swimmer pattern, very decorative and fun. To freshen up, we also introduce dthe glass soap dispenser and 5-piece bath set which includes a soap dispenser, covered jar, Q-tip holder, toothbrush holder and soap dish, all home essentials for summer time.

You’ve met our “Paradise Island” collection before, which has been a very good seller for our retailers. Our gourmet bottles are great for soap, oil and much more! The new ones include both a standard pourer and coordinating sculpted stopper. We’ve added the ceramic crock and glass soap dispenser themed “Palm Island”, which is 6.75”H x 5.5”D and 3.5”W x 8.25”H respectively. Also don’t forget to mix and match the colors of our solid EcoBamboo for a stylish, Eco-friendly statement.

The “Frosted Polka Dot” collection features mainly glassware. You can mix and match these items with our new bright-colored collections such as “Pop Goes the Daisy” and “Simple Swimmers”. Again the insulated acrylic cup with straw and twist off lid appears here to add fun to your drinking experience. I’m also excited to tell you that we’ll introduce “Polka Dot” in acrylic for Cypress Spring/Summer 2011.

In the “Tropicalia” collection, a couple of new items are introduced. The 16oz. gourmet bottle is 13.5”H and includes a pourer with flip lid & resin stopper. Complementing this bottle is our collection of ceramic crocks and trivets, which sell in an assortment of two with kiwi and watermelon patterns, ceramic tiled trays with wooden frames, which are very easy to hang.

The “Hot Hot Hot” Collection is still hot for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. We’ve added new items like the square small tray, ceramic tiled wooden trays with contoured bases, as well as the EcoBamboo series like our square bowls, Chip ‘N Dips, and salad and dinner plates. Just let the hot waves roll in this summer!

Madison’s Garden” has always been our number one collection seller for retailers since it hit the show floor. Out of the genius design of Kate McRostie, these florals are definitely a staple of home decoration with a warm and artistic touch, reminiscent of everyday and seasonal greetings. Our clear acrylic coaster holds a cocktail napkin for an effect that’s both decorative and protective to your table. Each of our embossed handpainted ceramic bowls features a different embossed flower in the center. They are dishwasher safe (top rack) and microwave safe. New items include glass soap dispensers, ceramic tissue box covers, fabric embroidered napkins and many more, all absolutely beautiful. Also featured in our new introduction are ceramic butter dishes, EcoBamboo Chip ‘N Dip,s and sets of 4 stackable ceramic mugs.

Another collection falling into our top 3 is “Aero Postale,” warmly welcomed at our Atlanta show. This collection includes a set of four ceramic mugs with a metal rack which features a coffee look, good items indeed. Other highlights are eco-bamboo 3 section servers, glass soap dispensers with vintage fruit and yellow birds, as well the EcoBamboo salad and dinner plates.

Many new additions to add color, flair, and sensibility to your customers' homes this summer.

Lynn Wagner
Cypress Home Line Manager