Your Summer with Cypress: Whimsical and Monogram

March 15, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Jester” is a unique group in the Summer Supplement that’s quite different from what Cypress has done in the past. It’s whimsical, fun and giftable -- a great seller for your gift shops.

The jester idea is borrowed from the circus, a person employed to tell jokes and provide general entertainment, typically by a European monarch. Jesters are stereotypically thought to have worn brightly colored clothes and eccentric hats in a motley pattern. Their hats were especially distinctive: made of cloth, floppy with three points, each of which had a jingle bell at the end. Other things distinctive about the jester were his laughter and his mock sceptre, known as a bauble or marotte.

With these elements combined, the “Jester” collection features all hand-painted ceramics, made with high quality and wrapped in special, giftable packaging. The handpainted ceramic cookie jars and martini glasses are brightly colored, fun-loving, and perfect for both use and home decor. Simply entertaining. There are also two wild, handpainted tea pots, the shapes of which look just like jesters, with a cool handle on the top. The handpainted ceramic hexagon container is perfect for storing cookies, snacks, and other kitchen goodies. This short and sweet group adds lots of fun to your summer entertainment and will definitely attract lots of attention in your store.

One of our best-selling EcoGlass products is the alabaster scallop bowl series, which we've carried in the past. These go well with the “Jester” collection or other series.

We’ve also introduced new programs for the always hot Monogram line, our Number 1 collection that everybody loves.

As you might expect, we’ll be expanding our line with embroidered monogram fabric iron-on's in a set of 2 patches. You can apply them to anything, from purses to shirts to bags. Take our insulated fabric lunch tote and personalize it with our iron-on monogram patches to show off a personalized statement. The monogram comes with 16 bestselling letters and helps you to keep your inventory as low as possible.

The Latte Travel Mug is back as well, our Number 1 selling mug. It comes packaged in our nice boxing and again with the 16 most popular monogram letters. In addition, we have the set of 4 ceramic mugs with the metal rack which are dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe.

The Monogram Koozie Pink Zebra is a new sku for us, which includes a pegable card insert and fits on soft drink cans and bottles. You can peg it on a store for display.

Handpainted monogram wine glasses and insulated monogram acrylic cups with straws and twist-off lids come in fun, bright patterns. They are pre-packaged in gift-boxes. For care, hand wash only. I’m sure they’ll be additional store winners for you.

Expanding our Summer Gift Sets, we've introduced a Monogram Artisan glass and spreader gift set, and a Monogram wood cutting board, cocktail napkin & spreader zebra gift set. On the top left of the cutting board appears your monogram, looking like a wood-burnt carving, which adds to the uniqueness of these gift sets. We're pleased to offer them at a great selling price point to you, as well.

The monogram glass plate is a new 11” Round x .5”H, with the monogram etched at the center. A great upsell to this is our set of 4 monogram glass plates matching nicely with the 11" glass, all fully gift-boxed.

The new monogram glass wine bottle holder comes at a low phenomenal price, compared to similar ones on the market. The design is so unique and stylish  hat the bottle appears to float when you insert the wine bottle in the holder. Super giftable!

I’m also excited about our new expansions in Monogram Glass Winestoppers. The competition may be offering something similar , but you can clearly see the difference in our quality and design. Our new winestoppers are even thicker and gift-boxed, and continue to be one of our customers' top sellers.

Our new acrylic monogram is break resistant for indoor and outdoor entertainment. This introduction includes monogram acrylic beer mugs, acrylic goblets for all purposes, and acrylic hiball tumblers. We're excited to provide this new line of highly demanded acrylic elegance to our retailers.

As you all know, the wine bottle stopper is always one of Cypress Home's Top Sellers. This time we've given it a new look with a wine charm, an idea borrowed from our jewelry brand, Personal Best. This also gives you a masculine look and they are fully gift-boxed. The rhinestone monogram wine stoppers are best selling carryover items. Clear glass topped with jewel-embellished letters and nickel-plated brass stopper with rubber rings. Packaged in beautiful giftable boxes.

Our unique new LED candles provide the look of a real wax candles with a realistic glowing effect. A vanilla-scented real wax shell envelops these battery-operated candles. Each contains 2 LEDs: one in the faux flame tip and another inside the body of the candle. Simply touch the bottom switch to light and choose between constant glow and life-like flicker pattern. The amazing “blow out” function lets you extinguish just like a real candle! But unlike real candles, these produce no smoke and are safe to use anywhere.

Lynn Wagner
Cypress Home Line Manager