A Great Place To Shop

November 16, 2010 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 3 Comments

(NOTE: In May 2012, we launched a brand-new shopping experience at, designed to serve our customers better. Click here to read about it!)

Evergreen Enterprises has been doing business online for almost 4 years. In that time, we have seen that aspect of our business continually grow, as more and more people adopt the "e-commerce" shopping mindset. We are especially thankful to our loyal and adventurous customers who have supported these efforts. The last few months have been some of our best ever!

Along with recent increased staffing in the e-commerce department, we have completed some significant updates to our web site ( to provide you with a better shopping experience. Here are some of the recent changes that you may not yet have noticed:

New Navigation

It’s now easier than ever to browse our products by brand! At the top of the left-side navigation menu, you’ll see links to each of our major product groups:
From there, you can browse by product category, design theme, season, and collection name.

New Catalogs
Get quick access to our latest catalogs! Each of our newest E-catalogs are linked on the left side of the home page for easy shopping. Flip pages of our 2011 books on-screen while you shop away.

New Features
We’ve added a bunch of new content to our “About Evergreen” section. You’ll find these listed on the left side menu, including:

Visit us today and experience all of the above. Remember that you'll need to Log In to take advantage of many of the site's menus. Let us know what features you would most like to see on the site. We value your feedback and comments! You can contact us on our Facebook page, or on Twitter (@EvergreenVA).