Building on the Best: Fall-Winter 2011 Garden catalog overview

March 29, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 1 Comments

“Decorative and functional” is still the name of the game in the Evergreen Garden product line. For our most recent release of seasonal fall- and winter-related goods, it’s been our aim to build on core strengths and continue the momentum of previous good sellers.

When browsing this relatively small book, you’ll notice that while still category-driven, Fall-Holiday tends to be more oriented by theme, due to the more specific seasonal appeal. Among the 150 new items found in the recent release of our Fall-Holiday 2011 catalog, we wanted to call your attention to some key highlights below.

Category Expansions

Solar Lighting
Throughout the book, you’ll find a number of new items that are lit with solar energy. We’ve expanded our solar garden offering into bird bath stands, holiday stakes, mosaic glass stakes and lanterns, even carved resin pumpkins! All our solar items include solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

Outdoor Lighting
Also in the outdoor lighting department, we’ve introduced new items such as mosaic glass lanterns that use conventional lantern oil, additional Fireside pots (after the huge positive response from our last release), and special seasonal items like our new metal pumpkin lantern.

Glass Bird Baths
If you haven’t seen the retail selling power of our glass bird baths, don’t wait any longer. We’ve just introduced many new designs, including beautiful new fall patterns and colors with reds, oranges, and greens. The photos simply don’t do justice to the vibrant colors! Be sure to see out mosaic glass bird baths for a fresh new approach—including crushed glass, mosaic tiled, and painted glass for a stained glass look. Remember your customers can always enjoy these indoors during colder months as table centerpieces with candles for a lovely, warm holiday feel.

Bird Feeders
For bird lovers, we’ve also expanded our selection of bird feeders. See our new ceramic hanging feeders with unique in-house designs and glazed finishes. There are also new fruit and suet feeders with metal mesh to hold whatever treats you decide to leave for your feathered friends. (Refer back to this previous blog article on the best kinds of bird feed to use.) We’re also working to integrate feeders with other product, such as our new weathered-look metal feeders with a hook to hang a suncatcher or similar item.

Pumpkin Wear
For the spooky side of the season, you’ll love our newest Pumpkin Wear! In addition to glowing the dark, these newest pieces also have redesigned attachments that are safer and more compactly packaged. (The décor piece hangs from nail that goes into a pumpkin insert, instead of using an attached  spike on the back.) Our new metal spider pumpkin holders are also a fun way to display pumpkins for Halloween.

New Categories

Alongside all these expansions, we’re showing a few new categories you’ll want to notice and plan for…

Acrylic Thermometers
First is our new acrylic thermometers, with attached suction cups and clear plastic to allow the best outdoor visibility, and packaged in a gift box with clear acetate lid.

Multipurpose Garden Stands
Second is our new multipurpose garden stands—some with glass accents, all measuring around 5 feet high and all with unique, year-round designs—that are intended for windchimes and other hanging pieces.

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