A Trip to Remember: Four Evergreen Territory Managers Travel to China

June 10, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. 0 Comments

Evergreen Enterprises is a truly global organization, and draws heavily on its operations centered in China. Last year, the company owners opened up opportunities to travel overseas to everyone on our U.S. sales team. This past April, four of our Territory Managers — Susan Mansure, Kathy Mauldin, Vickie Chason, Janet Blackmon (pictured above) — and their spouses were awarded a trip to China with our COO, John Toler, based on their exceptional efforts. Part work and part pleasure, this trip was a great learning experience for all who went.

As mentioned, the trip was not all about work, as our group got to visit and experience several different cultural areas of China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Ninbgo, Xian, and Hong Kong. They were welcomed and treated magnificently by all at the Evergreen operations center and outside the company, as they took in the sounds and sights of a land rich in history. Perhaps the most memorable sights were the immense Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors.

While in Ningbo, they witnessed first hand the incredible volume of work that happens at our offices and factories overseas. Impressed by the coordination and infrastructure of operations, the trip helped our salespeople to be aware of the global scale of Evergreen’s business, with so many people and processes involved in the manufacture and distribution of our goods.

In many cases, the process is very labor intensive, as the product is touched so often by so many hard-working hands. Our group was able to visit factories for all different types of product: paper napkins, garden statuaries, decorative flags (embroidered and sublimated) and metal hardware. Knowing the time and energy that goes into the product gave them a greater appreciation for its value.

Our territory managers also commented on the cleanliness and modernization of our factories, especially the napkin factory, being what you would expect of a large global operation. It was apparent that Evergreen has invested much in technology to make the product better and get it to market more quickly.

The slideshow video below will give you a better look into what our territory managers learned and experienced, and the fun that was had by all!