Fresh Focus, Part 1:
Cypress Home 2012 New Product Categories

October 11, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises 1 Comments

If there's one word to describe the latest product release from our Cypress Home division, it would be "fresh." The book itself has a fresh new look, with clean silhouette shots and focused lifestyle photography, along with a new horizontal format, which makes shopping the catalog online much easier. There's also a ton of fresh new product, with a greater percentage of new items compared to carryover. We wanted to highlight here a few key new areas of product in the Cypress Home line for 2012.

For convenience, all the links below will take you to our web site to shop the product there. (We recommend being logged in to our web first for best results.)

New Drinkware
Cypress Home has long been strong in drinkware such as mugs and wine glasses. We've got several notable new additions in this area to share...

Insulated double-wall tumblers, with their integrated lid and straw have shown themselves to be staggeringly popular across the country. Ours have the best quality and design in the market today, and it's for this reason they've become our number one selling item in Cypress Home. This coming year, we're offering several new appealing patterns including birthday celebrations, text messaging slang, companion dog breeds, and a large selection of bold and bright-colored designs with animal print and floral patterns mixed in for extra fun. Don't miss our new floral monogram insulated cups, available in both pink and green in 16 common letters.

From a more functional standpoint, we've also integrated LED lights into several fun designs of insulated cups. With the built-in switch, they can be set to 3 different levels of light to add some extra "flash" to your presence, or a simply special glow to the evening. You'll also want to note our freezable cups, available in universally-appealing colors with a a built-in koozie for comfort. Finally, don't forget that we offer several design of insulated cups in both an extra-thirst large size and an extra-convenient small size!

For those who lean towards hot beverages, we're also introducing an assortment of glass travel cups which are double-wall insulated with color-coordinated koozies as well as stainless steel mugs with ceramic accents and handles in several bright colors. All are great for either hot or cold beverages on the go.

New Bags & Baskets
Our metal-handled canvas market baskets have been in the Cypress Home line for 3 years now. For 2012, we've expanded the selection into new designs and new piece types suitable for the shopping or a trip to the beach. Alongside our spacious-yet-collapsible canvas market baskets, you'll find convenient insulated lunch bags, insulated 2-bottle wine bags, insulated picnic baskets, and insulated large tote bags. Notice how they're all insulated? All of the new bag styles also have padded metal handles for strength and comfort, and they're decorated with the patterns and artwork of some of our strongest new collections, as well as our longstanding, ever-popular Felicia group.

New Wine Stoppers
We've been offering wine bottle stoppers through our Cypress Home line ever since we can remember. Our recent new additions to the collection will stand up and make you take notice.

First, you'll find several new vacuum pump stoppers, topped in colored glass or painted polystone, that can be used to seal a wine bottle to preserve the flavor and aroma. Next, we've supplemented our existing "Lights Up" LED wine bottle stoppers with new pieces topped with beautiful mosaic glass balls that gradually transition between different colors as the LED inside changes colors automatically. Creating the opportunity to light up the night in a more natural way, there are also new candle holder stoppers—in either cut crystal lotus flower or ceramic bird shapes, both in varied colors—that hold a taper candle for that special warm ambience. Finally, take note of our new antique metal fleurish stoppers and our ceramic knob stoppers with metal filigree—both of which provide a classically elegant expression.

Remember that most of our new stoppers (including the LED stoppers and the candle holders) are made with the integrated metal foot that allows them to stand on their own as decorative accents.

New Solid Color Coordinates
Cypress Home started out as an artwork-oriented, design-driven product line. Over the years, we've recognized the importance of blending in neutral single-color items, demonstrated through categories such as our EcoBamboo solids. Now for this coming year, we're offering several great new choices in energetic, trendy tones:

Mix and match these versatile pieces in vibrant color solids with our design collections to create a look that softens a group of print-oriented products and to generate add-on sales!

We'll provide some concrete examples of effective statement-oriented merchandising in an upcoming article. The right combination will increase visual interest and contribute to better sell-through. Meanwhile, shop the entire Cypress Home catalog and product line using our Online Resource Center.


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