Fresh Focus, Part 2: Cypress Home 2012 New Spring & Summer Collections

October 12, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

Our design-driven collections have always been the core of our Cypress Home product offering. New for 2012, we're presenting several delightful new Spring and Summer collections featuring wonderful artwork that represents some of the most important visual trends. You'll find recurring color stories throughout that are easy to mix with our solids mentioned in our previous article.

Click on the photos below to see them larger. Click on the names of each collection to browse all of the items on our web site. (Make sure to log in to the site to see all the details.)

Bird Collage
A great combination of natural blues and greens from Paula Scaletta, along with medallion designs and birds, grouped with vintage pedestal cakes, cookbook holders, and more.

The artwork from Jennifer Brinley incorporates the strength of butterflies and the curent trend of roses, along with medallions grouped with mixing bowls, acrylic serveware, crackle vases, and bags.

Funky Fish
Color, color, and more color are displayed in this great coastal art by talented teen Kaeli Smith, mixed and matched with bubble glass, metal, boxes, and bags. Puts the "fun" in funky!

Coastal Life
Blue may be a cool color, but it's a hot trend, especially mixed with shells in the art of Morgan Yamada, and pooled together with metals, glass, and acrylics.

This fun, traditional pattern is a sure seller for summertime traditions like picnics and July 4th, whether indoors or out.

Zest of Yellow
Blue and yellow make a strong combination, both in theory and in practice, as the art unites trendy lemons with great handpainted tile looks, especially mixed with lemon wreaths and trees.

Cowboy Up!
A natural follow-up to the bronco-busting success of our Saddle Up collection, it includes all the core pieces plus great new wine stoppers to make anyone feel at home on the range.

By the Glass
A beautiful, rich, new wine collection using the art of Lisa Kaus, and adding in our new metal cork holders as requested, along with LED wine stoppers, and wine opener gift sets.

Look for a future post about how to merchandise all this new product effectively in combinations that will make a statement and contribute to better sell-through. Meanwhile, shop the entire Cypress Home catalog and product line using our Online Resource Center.