Masterful Merchandising:
10 Strong Cypress Home Display Programs

October 21, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises 0 Comments

There is so much product in our Cypress Home catalog that when it comes to effective merchandising, it's understandably hard to know where to start. The choices and combinations are truly endless. What we hope to do here is provide what we think are 10 sound possibilities for mixing product together. Nearly all of these can be accomplished by using one of the many display fixture solutions we offer in the Cypress Home catalog, and via our web site.

The most significant thing to consider when staging product as a grouping or filling a particular merchandiser display is "What does all this product have in common?" It's important to present a common theme, either practical or visual, so that the arrangement makes sense to the limited attention space of the customer. So consider the following potential scenarios, which could be shown on our merchandisers or your own endcaps:

1. LED — Our light-up wine bottle stoppers and insulated cups can really attract attention!

2. Color Stories — All product should be tied together around a limited number of colors, such as pink, green, orange, or blue, along with our coordinating solids color items.

3. Monogram — We have numerous possibilities such as napkins, stoppers, mugs, coasters, and much more.

4. Animal Print — Zebra and leopard are extremely popular right now, and we offer these patterns in cups, napkins, wine glasses, and wine shoes.

5. Hot and Cold Drinkware — Our new hot/cold gift sets are perfect for this, plus individually sold latte mugs, double-wall mugs, and insulated cups.

6. Baking — Select from our many kitchen essentials such as measuring cups and spoons, ceramic bowls, aprons and cookbook holders.

7. Wine Statement — Pick one or two wine collections and arrange with useful wine accessories such as stoppers, corkscrews, carafes, and more.

8. Bird and Floral Statement — Select one of your favorite bird collections and combine with florals, beaded serveware and solids in glass and ceramic.

9. Felicia Statement — We offer so many different textile items in this long-popular floral/solid pattern, such as aprons, market baskets, and insulated bags.

10. Birthday Celebrations — Assemble some of our many items that celebrate those important ages, such as napkins, insulated cups, wine stem glasses, bottle stoppers, and more.

There are so many more ways to consider grouping product together for effective displays. Your Evergreen territory manager is a valuable resource when it comes to programs and in-store merchandising. Talk with them about creating a complete customized program of items for a personalized approach to better sales.