Shining Stars: Top New 2012 Evergreen Flag Product Categories

October 26, 2011 Evergreen Enterprises 1 Comments

Even though the recent Evergreen Flag 2012 Summer supplement catalog is a relatively small book, there are some important highlights to note in terms of new product. In additional to summer and patriotic designs, we've used this book to launch several important new categories that we're hoping will make a big impact on our sales and yours.

With that, allow us to introduce the brightest new flag products for the coming year...

Fiber Optic Mailbox Covers

The EverOptics mailbox covers are a new addition to the EverOptics collection and another Evergreen first! These applique mailbox covers will dazzle and "wow" both day and night. During the day, admire the creative and well-crafted applique designs, while at night be amazed with colorful & brilliant fiber optic lighting effects.

Each fiber optic mailbox cover uses 4 AA batteries (not included) and includes a timer that, when set, will light up the mailbox cover for 8 hours and then turn off the lights for 16 hours. This allows the lighting effects to automatically turn back on again at the same time each day. Just set it and forget it!

Due to their embroidered applique construction, these mailbox covers are not magnetic, and instead use a velcro strap to attach to a mailbox. For a clean look, we suggest removing the mailbox from the post, wrapping the straps underneath so they are concealed, then re-attaching the mailbox so straps are concealed.

To get a glimpse at the night-time sparkle these will add to a home or business, watch our video on YouTube.

LED Yard Spinners
EverOptics Yard Spinners have white LED Lights which are powered by the wind rather than by batteries or solar energy. As the wheels turn in the wind, the lights glow brightly creating a colorful display—a simple yet stunning way to add excitement to your yard, day or night! They're available in a variety of solid color combinations.

LED Coir Mats
Coir mats remain a top seller in the market, as their natural and durable coconut fiber, resists mold and mildew, and is one of the best ways to keep dirt and moisture outside. “Now, if only they could light up in the dark to help people see their way into the door...”

Now they can, with Evergreen Luminous Mats. We're excited to introduce a brand new, patent-pending, exclusive design which uses an LED lighting system that includes 10 embedded super-bright LED lights that switch on to light up the dark when the mat is stepped on.

Luminous Mat is both functional and decorative—and outdoor safe. Using a timer, the lights will stay lit for approximately 60 seconds, then automatically shut off to conserve battery life. The mat uses 3 AAA batteries (not included).

We're offering our new Luminous Mat LED coir mats in everyday designs, and in a very popular, trendy monogram pattern. Plus they fit into our existing rubber coir mat tray frames. Your customers will never have to let guests stumble around in the dark again!

Yard Captains
With vivid designs, our Bali-inspired Yard Captains will add vibrant, attention-grabbing color to gardens and landscaping. Yard Captains can not be missed, and their tall shape is ideal for drawing attention to a business storefront or marking a spot on the beach. Made of durable rip-stop nylon with silk-screened art and lettering, each of these banners includes a telescoping fiberglass pole and ground stake. Every design is available in a 6-ft or 10-ft size. Festive and fun, Yard Captains will brighten the day by providing summer yard flair.

Don't miss our convenient program buy, offered with a free display.

Suede Flags

Since their release several months ago, our Suede Reflections flags have been very successful. Now we're introducing a 2-sided version with our Suede Reflections “Synchronized Art” collection, in which every flag features two pieces of coordinating art from one of our exclusive flag designers.

Both sides of the soft yet durable suede-like fabric is imprinted with a different image by the same artist, and both read correctly with no show-through. Flip the flag around for a different look—it's almost like getting two flag designs for the price of one! Detailed double-sided designs and luxurious Suede Reflections fabric will grab the attention of your customers and neighbors alike.

Garden Flag
Monogram Scroll Markers

Now you can personalize our house address garden flag stand with new magnetic monogram garden flag hardware. We've created new monogram letters that adapt to the patent-pending flag stand we released last May. Each letter is made from PVC for durability and weatherproofing and is packaged with two scrollwork pieces. Use in addition to the house address numbers or allow the monogram hardware and decorative scrolls to stand alone. With a classic design, the monogram garden flag hardware is a fashionable way to personalize garden flags.

Talk to your Evergreen territory manager about how to make these products successful in your store. Meanwhile, log in to our web site and shop the entire Evergreen Flag product line at


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