5 Ways to Use a Cloche

August 16, 2012 Evergreen Enterprises 1 Comments

Developed by the French, the glass cloche or bell jar was designed to protect an early garden plant from cold or frost. The Dutch and English used lantern-style cloches and faceted pyramid covers made from glass for the same type of garden accent. Today they are still used both indoors and outdoors, as functional garden accessories as well as useful home decor accents.

All the glass cloches we offer through our Cape Craftsmen line are exclusive designs that showcase beautiful art patterns while accomplishing a practical purpose. 

Here are 5 great solution-oriented ways to use a cloche.

1. Cover plants to protect them from short-term adverse weather conditions.

2. Prolong the growing season of a plant that hasn’t had quite enough time to mature, by providing a greenhouse effect.

3. Divert rain water from the soil directly surrounding the neck of a plant to the soil a few inches away, so that the roots can maximize the absorption.

4. Cover food being served to protect it from dirt, flies and pests.

5. Showcase and protect small collectibles, such as antiques, from curious fingers and messy dust.

When people think of our Cape Craftsmen brand, most turn their attention to interior home spaces. Yet we have recently expanded the offering to include garden and greenhouse-oriented products. Our retailers (including garden centers) may want to consider combining cloches with an effective shelving unit for display purposes. For example, our verde green half-round 3-tier plant stand provides a great display shelf for cloches and plants. Likewise, our popular 5-tier pyramid display combined with these elegant cloches creates a distinctive indoor display solution.

Cloches are yet another example of the balance of elegance and utility that characterizes so many of Evergreen’s products. Shop our various cloche designs using our Online Resource Center at http://www.myevergreen.com.


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